Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mr. Curious

Is bored. Things have settled down for the time being with only team and roster gossip floating around--for the most part--and I usually won't indulge him when it comes to team and player gossip but this one is a little different. And besides, it's just a couple of questions.

According to ProPaintball Dynasty will be teaming up with Impact this year to play their (Dynasty's) Millennium Series CPL spot. Last year Dynasty teamed up with Arsenal to play their MS spot. It was assumed by some that given the rumored difficulties SP was having meeting their sponsorship obligations--some even suggest that's how Dynasty acquired the spot in the first place (from Philly)--that Dynasty was (or would have been) unable to play the spot without T4's backing in exchange for the split roster. If true, Mr. C. is wondering if the Dynasty/Impact split depends on Bart's wallet this year? And will that wallet begin to feel the pinch if it's called upon to help out the NPPL again this year--as was rumored about last year?

Enquiring minds want to know.


Missy Q said...

Don't you think Eclipse is footing the bill for most of it?
Dynasty want to play Europe, because when they get out there they have fun, and they can sell their stuff for some serious pocket-money. I would imagine that they contractually insisted that they be flown out to Euro events as part of their deal.
Now, Eclipse can't dis' their previous #1 team by not sending Impact, so the compromise is a 'team Eclipse' blend of both teams, part-funded by Eclipse, part by their expected winnings, and face it, They'll win, as Joy have gone a little soft since they quit making the trip across the pond and playing hi-calibre opposition.
I don't see Bart funding this. I don't think he cares about the MS.

Baca Loco said...

Mr. C's only objection to your interpretation is A) claiming Impact was PE's number 1 team before [no disrespect to Impact as I like Bart and the guys]and B) offers no explanation why Dynasty did the same thing last year. The CPL spot belongs to Dynasty and Impact players played with Ducks last year. PE doesn't owe Impact a piece of Dynasty's spot and if PE were serious about CPL results a mixed team ain't the answer.

Missy Q said...

a. They were signed as a flagship team. They under-delivered, but the expectation was high. Unfortunately, when sponsoring a team you can only judge them by their previous seasons results.
b. They do the same thing every year. Different people pay for it is all. Curious insinuated Bart was paying. I say he ain't. I just looked for someone with something to gain, and it wasn't him.
c. I would rather see a mixed team if I were Eclipse. Half of the Dynakids are pretty much 'unknowns' now, and the same is true of Impact. The sponsor wants the big names there for maximum effect on the playing population. Ownership of the spot is insignificant if the owner wants someone else to pay the bill. AQs for being serious about results, Impact may take Josh & Dave Baines, they used to play on Dynasty anyway, and you could argue that JC is a better replacement for Angel than Chad would be.

Not saying I'm right of course. Just makes the most sense to me.

Baca Loco said...

Fair enough. I'll just have to get Bart to do an interview. ;)

Mike said...

I would love a Bart interview. :)

I think we should also remember, the Dynasty and Impact guys played together before. I know that Zach, Josh Ouimet, and Josh Davey played NXL with Dynasty in '07. I would love to see this team come together and do well.

papa chad said...

I just wanna throw in that chad george may be irreplaceable as a custom-built machine gun.