Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bacaball: Big field, more players, more bunkers

This is the next to last Basic Bacaball post. (The last will cover Champions in more detail.) Otherwise I may, on occasion, continue to expand on one feature or another as the urge strikes--or until somebody is willing to give it a live test. At that point it would probably be wisest to focus on the format without also trying to incorporate the modified rules in order to see what happens. Besides, if you people are any indication that will be the hardest part of the process to realize.

More bunkers is just a function of more field along with the removal of a jumbo-sized signature prop. 50 is just a guess but I would be surprised if the final, optimal number went above 55. So 50 to start out with and game experimentation to finalize a bunker kit.

The larger field takes into consideration a couple of new factors. (It is possible a smaller field could still provide satisfactory spacing to meet Bacaball's requirements in which case the smallest field that will deliver the necessary playability is the one I want. The suggested dimensions of 180 by 150 was the next increment up to maintain the same ratio as the old xball standard of 150 by 125.) The new additions are the sixth man and the multi-flag scoring system. The larger playing area accommodates an additional player and the scoring system requires a different spacing in order for the full strategic and tactical effect to become evident. (If everything is too close together it becomes too easy to cover multiple positions from key props which would tend to defeat the purpose.) A larger field will also (typically) make reffing easier as long as the refs remain active and diligent. As a practical matter both the recommended field size and bunker set are open to change although I think they will probably prove to be pretty close to ideal.

The sixth player isn't just a change for changes' sake. (Bacaball could also play with 7 on the suggested field size. Probably not ideal. Just saying you could.) Even so I think 6 is better than 7 as it will compliment the new scoring but also put a premium on live bodies as the new scoring alters the core risk/reward judgment equilibrium. The more complex set of decisions and risk assessments has greater opportunity to play out in practice with an extra player on field and even numbers offer the possibility, for the first time, of a balanced breakout to disguise a team's intent initially. And given the different ways it's possible for both teams to score 5 players simply aren't enough to allow teams to implement more complex strategies as they play out individual points in a game or match.

The goal of Bacaball is to create a fast-paced, action-filled paintball game that provides an easy to understand (hard to accomplish) competitive dynamic that is both fun to play and watch that will reward any and all styles of play if they are executed with sufficient skill.


abc said...

"The goal of Bacaball is to create a fast-paced, action-filled paintball game that provides an easy to understand (hard to accomplish) competitive dynamic that is both fun to play and watch...."

For a man of substance this sounds like a fluffy marketing hype filler sentence, the likes of which we'd see coming from someone whose name rhymes with Buck Bench!

Don Saavedra said...

It sounds like that because marketing hype tries to mimic men of substance.

Reiner Schafer said...

That made me smile Don!

Baca Loco said...

It was just like Cats. I loved it and I want to see it again, And again.

(That was good, Don.)

Hey abc
Is that his porn name?