Friday, January 7, 2011

Dates, Puppets & Other Observations

If you are gnawing on your knuckles because you were anxiously awaiting the next Bacaball post, relax. By the time I'm done with Bacaball you will be bored to tears and contemplating the least painful ways to die as a means of escape.
It seems the PSP has settled on a first event location and dates. Even though the official word has yet to be released I think it's safe to say it will be Galveston TX in mid-March. Galveston has been on the short list for a while and looks like a good place for an event. An easy run from the airport the area is, among other things, a tourist center & spring break mecca. And it saves on a Left Coast flight. (I'm too old for this and cross country flights make me cranky. Crankier than normal, that is.) The only downside I can think of is the prospect of a sandy playing surface and on that score I'm only guessing it might be a concern. Along coastal Florida the ground can be very sandy and while grass grows it isn't the sturdiest of stuff. Guess we'll find out.
It's Friday and I've been remiss the last couple of weeks in welcoming VFTD's latest recruits to the (DPA) Deadbox Puppet Army. Over the last couple of weeks it is VFTD's great privilege to announce the recruitment of Ryan Gray, Pat Smith & Tom. (I didn't forget you guys.) Welcome & well done. World domination is that much closer to being within our grasp. If the purpose and potential of the DPA remains unclear look here & here for a fuller explanation.
And I wanted to take a moment to recognize the slackitude y'all display in measuring up to my expectations. Voting once a week. Joining the DPA & clicking on the damned Facebook 'like' button. There are more peeps signed up for the RSS feed than could be bothered to click the 'like' button. Way to go, kids! That is the true slacker spirit, well done. Or not done as the case may be.
I also noticed reported the possible move of Tyler Harmon from, er, Blast or was it Impact or both, to Infamous. If it works for Tyler that's swell. It only caught my attention 'cus I was under the impression Infamous already had like 47 guys on their roster--and it got me to wondering. Suddenly it's that time of the year again when I'm actually getting curious to see who is gonna end up where and who the new or up & coming teams will be. Will the PSP manage 8 pro teams this year? And who is the new NPPL team? (That's what I heard but I'm so far outta the loop ...)
While I'm at it Baca's Mailbag is getting a little thin. If I don't hear from you I might have to answer Joe from Peoria's question about paintball and his girlfriend and you really don't want me to do that. Not a threat. I'm just saying.


Twisted Games Of Texas Paintball said...

Galveston. Have to say it...."I told you so!"
See ya on the island!

Baca Loco said...

As long as you're a gracious winner, Kim. ;-)