Monday, January 24, 2011

The Monday Poll

This week's poll will test your lazy slacker bonafides. (Google it, slacker.) Now that the PSP has opened registration for Galveston peeps are getting their first look at pricing and prizes which have changed--and not unexpectedly--and some are sounding off on the internet. Here are the PSP prices & prizes. Check it out. You can go further and compare the new pricing and prizes against any other PSP or you can believe Raehl who does his own comparison here. Or you can take my word for it that the overall result is a mixed bag. Prices are mostly up, but mostly not as much as NPPL and in the key divisions where one might expect the most registrations for new teams it is down a bit. Prizes more or less follow a similar pattern; down for most but up in a couple of places with entries or partial entries in lieu of or along with cash.
Now that the final pieces are in place we can see all the things the PSP has done to prepare for the 2011 season. What VFTD wants to know this week is what you think of the whole package and in order to delve a little deeper this week's poll is really a series of paired answers (you pick one from each pair.)

Given what I now know about all the PSP changes I ...
Have played PSP before
Have never played a PSP event

Believe the league acted out of financial necessity
Still not buying it

Can live with the changes (may even like some of them.)
Struggling to get past the changes

Will play a PSP event this year
Won't play a PSP event this year

You will have the option of multiple choices but please read and answer once for each pair of choices. Otherwise you negate your own vote and skew the result.

Monday Poll in Review
Last week's poll was dead simple. Which league would have the better first event turnout? Galveston or Huntington Beach? If we learned nothing else we now know the HB mystique is no longer in effect. Once upon a time the original HB was like Woodstock, a whole generation of ballers lied about being there. Not anymore. The vote broke 53% to 47% in favor of the PSP and Galveston over HB, one of the most iconic venues in paintball history. Of course the vote was also a realistic one if the NPPL hold to their two field formula. It limits the number of teams that can compete but is a (near) fixed control on costs as well. If I recall correctly the NPPL claimed a full (ish) event at HB last year with numbers around 110-120. The PSP registration for Galveston is currently limited to 164.


sdawg said...

Deadbox Puppet Army gathering at PSP Galveston.

Can such an event happen? How do those of us in the DPA organize?

Baca Loco said...

Sounds like fun.
If anyone has any ideas let's hear 'em. As soon as I know where we'll be staying I can post that up and maybe we can meet in the bar one evening--or something like that.