Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Poll in Review

Gonna keep this short & not particularly sweet as it was a very silly poll to begin with--unless you happen to be a mistreated and irate photographer. In which case I may be about to make you more unhappy but at least this will be VFTD's last word on the subject. (Until it comes up again sometime.) How's that for a promise? Yeah, I know, it sucks but what are you going to do? Life is unfair and I'm adding to your burden. Would it help if I said I felt bad about it? (I didn't think so.)
I can't begin to express to y'all how boring I find the usual "action" shots that seem to make up the great majority of paintball photography. I get why the vanity crowd go in for that sort of thing but I gotta say I don't understand why the media--what's left of it--doesn't seem to have any interest in both better and more broadly illustrative images of the game beyond action close-ups. [Here's where some of y'all claim to shoot all manner of other interesting narrative type images from the surroundings and trappings of the tourney scene that I've just missed 'cus I don't check out your website(s) routinely and most media editors are hacks who pander to the lowest common denominator reader--or viewer as the case is these days. Which may very well be true so if you would be so kind as to aim me the direction of this superior imagery I'd be grateful.] Otherwise as technically brilliant as some of the action shots may or may not be or how difficult they are to take that isn't or shouldn't be the be all end all of the photographer's art and it's damned difficult to turn the millionth action shot into something special. That's all I'm saying.
As to the poll the respondents were actually quite decent about the whole thing. 27% of the total votes were generally positive while the majority 46% opted for the various neutral options, seeing the photogs largely as fellow travellers along paintball's dusty road. Only 23% chose either of the mildly negative options and most of those simply thought there were too many photographers at events. From which results I think it's safe to say most ballers don't spend much if any time giving the photographers a first much less a second thought. Unless of course they're hoping to score a free picture.

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