Monday, September 26, 2011

Musical Chairs

Those darn kids at ProPaintball beat Mr. Curious to the punch this time--at least in part--with an interview with LJ, formerly of Infamous and now with the Ironmen. Mr. C has been waiting to hear what the fallout would be from the post-DC Infamous altercation and it seems that situation has caused a couple of other player moves as well. As you may recall (See 'Left Coast Rumble' three posts down) some Infamous players went all Fists of Fury on each other and as a result LJ is now an Ironman and Bobby Aviles remains with Infamous and Marcello Margott hasn't yet found a chair. (See title.) It seems the decision to cut Marcello has been made and he hasn't yet caught on with anyone else but it's early days.
Rumor has it that at approximately the same time Aftershock (which decided to compete in the NPPL this year) presented their two Legend players, Damian Ryan & Brad McCurley, with an ultimatum of it's 'Shock all the time or it's nothing. Damian & Brad were playing with Legend before Shock decided to compete in the NPPL and in Damian's case before he was back on 'Shock's roster. (He played for Aftershock back in '06 & '07 if I remember correctly. Something like that anyway.) Apparently they chose nothing but not for long as both are now on Infamous's World Cup roster replacing the departed LJ & Marcello.
Mr. C doesn't know if that's going to leave Aftershock in a bit of a bind or not for Cup or if the move by Infamous is a stop gap measure or seen as something more permanent. Time, and Mr. Curious, will tell.

UPDATE: rumorology has it that it may even be premature to say that Infamous cut Marcello because the word on the street is he has torn up his knee again. (In fact may have done it prior to DC.) In which case he is defacto sidelined for the foreseeable future whether he's officially cut or not.


Anonymous said...

So, as a coach in the leagues that Infamous and Marcello play, what would you tell us of his level of play? Is he a quality pro player? Does he bring a good attitude and committment to whatever team picks him up?

Baca said...

That's not gonna happen.

Look, it's both a fair and an understandable question. And certainly the kind of "inside" info players and fans are interested in, but--

Given my position it would be a very bad precendent to set. It wouldn't be prudent or professional to offer that sort of opinion for public consumption.

What I will say is that Marcello has played at the highest level for some time so I think it's safe to say he's a pretty good player.

Anonymous said...

translation = 'No'

Anonymous said...

Losing Brad and Damian is a massive hit to aftershock. While they do have players that can fill those spots, but I doubt many people in professional paintball could do those jobs as well as those two players.

Anonymous said...

Anon #2 says:-

So, how about that NPPL PPV announcement from Pev? Guess that kills any merger.

Missy Q said...

How would it kill the merger? Should we expect both leagues to make no plans at all past October 2011 'unless it kills the merger'?
Both leagues will be spending time to try to show their value, and the NPPL in particular will want to do this.
Part of the reason mergers have failed in the past was too many agenda-plebs getting involved and muddying the waters. I hope that doesn't happen this time.