Thursday, September 22, 2011

VFTD Challenge

No, this isn't Format Wars. You know the routine. It's still coming blah blah blah lazy slacker get used to it.
I thought in light of the controversial nature of the two leagues, the merger prospects and my general comments on the subject that I would make an open offer to anyone who would like to debate the relative merits favoring the NPPL and/or the merger. It seems some supporters of "the player's league" struggle with my criticisms of that league and I'd like to give any or all of them (you) an opportunity to respond.
I do however have a couple of conditions. The terms of the debate need to be set out formally in advance so that we can address specific questions one at a time in order to make the debate more interesting and helpful to the readers. And two, participants need to identify themselves in order to be accountable for their arguments, statements, etc.
I have no interest in restricting what you can say or how you say it as long as the basic agreed upon debate format is adhered to.
Right now I'm thinking in terms of NPPL v. PSP but there's no reason not to consider other potential points of contention for future debate(s). Should anyone take up the offer future posts will lay out the details & agreed terms as we proceed.
I will not, however, wait with bated breath for a response.


Anonymous said...

Anon #2 says:-

PSP is better because it is more Agg. Oh yeah, and there is a legal entity, an organisational structure, the refs have a better grasp of the rules (most of the time), results don't get reversed following video replay yada yada. Though the latter is something Derder might want to get into, as it could be lucrative.

Mark said...

Is agg still agg?

Anonymous said...

Who is the applicant debating against?
1. Another Chosen Applicant?
2. You?
3. Any idiot with an 'opinion' and vocabulary of a 12yr old who wants to jump in?
4. All of the above?

Online debating is kinda difficult to control, and I find people tend to launch personal attacks just as soon as they realise they're losing.
Not for me.

Baca said...


Other Anon
Not 1.
Not 3.
Not 4.
I'm okay with personal attacks unless it's boring and predictable.

Anonymous said...

Why not discuss how the NPPL (national paintball players league) isn't actually a league and the PSP (paintball sports promotions) isn't able to promote paintball?


Anonymous said...

Doesn't this assume there is someone that supports NPPL and is also capable of writing complete sentences?

I think you may find yourself disappointed.

Anonymous said...

There are varying degrees of 'supporting the NPPL'. I think you can support the league without thinking that they have nailed their reffing and gun-rules down, or being otherwise blinkered. I like a lot of what the NPPL do, or have done in the past, and I think there is room for some glitz and glamor in a hip extreme sports league.
So, I support the NPPL, in principle. I can also create a sentence, however, it's not my job to defend them, and get trolled for my efforts. I think it would be more productive to invite a spokesperson for the NPPL to answer the questions/challenges posed by our host. The answers to said questions could sway my thinking either way, as I know little about the current NPPL dynamic, or their current business plan.
BTW, I also support the PSP, and I don't think people necessarily have to hate one league, in order to appreciate the other. That's kids stuff.

Baca said...

Last Anon
A perfectly good idea with one small complication--the NPPL kids would much rather try to censor VFTD than interact with it. (As the phone calls & contacts to my team attest.) Which, to be fair, isn't anything new to paintball though it is particularly ironic coming from the league that's for the players, by the players.
Look, the invitation was an open invitation. No pressure, no judgement. Would it be nice to get a board member to respond? Sure.
While you're waiting if you do a blog search for "Lane Wright" & "Steven Baldwin" and/or "interview" you can read past interviews with the PSP Chief and one of the Millennium board.