Thursday, September 15, 2011

Norwegian Championships Field Layout

I'm outta here in a few minutes, headed for DC--or Aldie actually--for the next NPPL event. I don't know if the webcast includes Friday's Pro bracket but we're playing from approx. 2pm to 6pm tomorrow. Check it out. (If it's on.)

Here's the layout I mentioned last weekend. It's was designed to be easy to play for the lower divisions with its Xball staples intact but also sufficiently complex to challenge the more experienced teams. If you played the layout I'd be interested in your views and, since I'm in a generous mood, even if you didn't but I look forward to your comments; good, bad or indifferent.


Anonymous said...

Wow- you did a great job designing this field. The balance is near perfect, there are some things I’d like to see changed, but overall, your imitation of the style is pretty spot on. You were able to express the size of the field proficiently. Squared up- good job Baca.

Tor said...

Played about 30 points on this layout in the xball division and like everybody else I really enjoyed it. The feedback have been almost exclusively positive.

Some general observations: teams that usually favor two home shooters performed worse than usual.The field seemed to play at a medium pace, things slowed down a bit when there were few bodies left on the field on both sides probably due to the gap in the snake. More people were dying on the dorito side than the snake side in the breakout. As no one got to practice the field beforehand players had to learn all the little tricks during the day. I hope you will do next years field as well!