Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving (minus the cranberries!)

To one and all. (I'm feeling magnanimous.) Even though it is an American holiday and VFTD has an international following it is worth a moment of reflection on everyone's part to acknowledge and be grateful for family, friends and all the good things in life.


Missy Q said...

As usual, the fox news of paintball gets it totally wrong. What proof do you have that it's thanksgiving? None huh? I bet you have 3 different sources that told you it was thanksgiving, and you're just going to print that shxt like it's stone-cold fact! What if people don't go to work today because of what you said? What about if those people lose their jobs, and the families of those people starve? You have no integrity, and I've lost all faith in you as a reporter. Do you coach your team like this? I bet you do. Why don't you try geting youe facts straight before you post this garbage? Who are you? Chris Raehl's even-more-evil twin?

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

Baca Loco said...

I'm guessing your bon-bons didn't arrive on time. I swear I sent the usual. You know it gets held up in Customs sometimes. But to be fair I'm sure they don't often see life-sized orange-infused solid chocolate turkeys very often.