Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Rumor Game

Before I get started it occurs to me that perhaps it's worthwhile to be transparent on any association I presently have with GI Sportz. I know and like a number of the staff. My team is sponsored by GI Sportz and I hope that relationship continues but I'm out of that loop (though I am from time to time consulted for my opinion.) There was also the briefest of conversations about an opportunity that might come my way (all I'm going to say)--and I hope this situation hasn't nixed that possibility. That's it.

In recalling the JT brouhaha--December '09--a whole bunch of great posts & comments--(and a few irate and threatening phone calls)--I remembered putting up a post called Rumorology, The Unseen Game (or something to that effect) and would like to take a moment, once again, to comment on rumors in a general way. The intent at VFTD is to the best of my ability post only rumors I believe are accurate. I am not concerned if they are inconvenient or anything else as long as they're accurate. Have all of VFTD's rumors been 100% correct? No, but when they haven't been absolutely factually correct they have almost always been close.
The reason I focus on accuracy isn't because I like to be right--although I do--it's because there are potentially other less than positive ramifications from rumors sometimes. Fallout if you will. And I have no wish to cause any "fallout" needlessly. At which point you and I may disagree about the definition of 'needless' but that's beside the point. Nor is VFTD some sort of paintball crusader who thinks the little guy has a "right to know" and that posting rumors is some sort of public service. (Although sometimes the little guy does have a right to know and there are damn few reliable outlets in those cases.)

About fallout. Imagine a competitor gets wind of a situation, a buy out, a move, a failed contract negotiation with a supplier or any other number of things that might be spun as a problem for a third party. What will happen to your deals with the XYZ widget company if the ABC widget company buys them? Any uncertainty may become somebody else's opportunity. The same circumstances exist any time a company is in the midst of any kind of significant change. It happens all the time on Wall Street and the stock market can climb or falter, shifting millions or billions of dollars, on the flimsiest of rumors. To one extent or another the same is potentially true in the world of paintball. The need exists to control such situations and manage the change with as few hiccups as possible.


Anonymous said...

If companies don't want you posting stuff like this, they should get their "insiders" to learn to shut their damned mouths.

Not that anyone really connected in the industry is in any way surprised that Procaps is being sold, or who they are being sold to.

Anonymous said...

Should the title read "I pissed off somebody I shouldn't have"?

Anonymous said...

"I won't be trying to promote current sponsors on this blog nor will I take shots at non-sponsors." - Baca Loco

You've done both. You're just providing a focus for your attention deficit disorder and holding your boredom at bay, right?

"Procaps Sold!" - Baca Loco

"...GI Sportz has not purchased." - David 'Opie' Thomas @ GI Sportz

"My team is sponsored by GI Sportz and I hope that relationship continues..." :

Anonymous said...

As a three post example of step on dick, get told and recant in a hurry- perfect score.

Baca Loco said...

Anon #2
Nope. In fact the point was to offer a generic "explanation" on behalf of GI. One option among a few possibilities.
As to the "opportunity" it's one of those this situation may arise in the future kinda deals and if the original post costs me, so be it.

Anon #3&4
Dumb and dumber.

Claiming that Procaps has been sold isn't taking a shot at DXS or their products. Nor is claiming GI bought it. And as for that last one the best you can do is infer an endorsement.

Recant? The word you're looking for is retract--and that's precisely what I didn't do. C'mon, D.H. you need to get your nose in a dictionary and outta Frank's ass.

Anonymous said...

Baca, pull out your tampon and bleed like a real woman.

Don Saavedra said...

hooray. pbnation is here.

Matthew said...

@Don Sigh, sounds about right

Mark said...

more like smacktalk circa 2001