Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 PSP Divisions & Entries

And prizes. (Such as they are.) I threw that last bit in for the D3 podium deserves fat cash crowd. Look, I don't have a lot to say about this yet. Maybe ever. I'ma wait until the PSP posts their series prizes but otherwise it seems okay to me. But then I don't favor big prizes to the lower divisions even if there are more teams there. the PSP is about the competition and that means, among other things, that everybody who thinks they belong in D3 or D4, legitimately or otherwise, don't believe they can compete in a higher division. And if the object of competition is to reward excellence and success one of the ways you encourage that is to help motivate players and teams to be excellent and succeed if they want the best prizes.
Mostly I'm surprised by the lack of a hue & cry today from the prize hunters because it's been such a popular topic in the past. (Of course, it's early yet.) Otherwise the only thing that gave me pause was double value points World Cup for divisions D3-X and below. (I'm good with less stringent series requirements for the lower divisions.) I'm not sure what I think of the double value Cup points just yet other than I would object long and loud if it had extended to the Pro division. More on this when series prizes are announced.


TJ said...

One gripe I have is the fact that they're catering to D5 talent at a national level (see: World Cup)

I know they're trying to make money and all, but I don't think this helps the sport. Just one more division for teams / players to sandbag.

Baca Loco said...

I agree with you TJ about a national D5 division and philosophically I'd go a lot further than D5 at Cup but sandbagging isn't the issue.

Anonymous said...

PSP has had D5 at cup for two or three years now, so whatever it is, it certainly isn't new.

Mark said...

More over, in years past (beginning in 97) Cup hosted a novice division where they took the bottom 8 amateur 5-man teams into a playoff. In the full 98 season they began the 10-man Am-B division. Then from 2000-01 for Cup only they added a Novice 10-man division.
In 02 they made Am-B into Novice, and novice into rookie the latter being offered from Chi thru Cup (3 events) of that year before being made a full season division for 03.
In 05 (no more 10-man) novice became D2X, Rookie became D3X, amateur became D1X.
Cup of 06 saw the debut of D4 5-man which of course was again made a full season division in 07, but with the maximum of only 3 events allowed per team.
In 08 D4 was a full season of 5-man before being available in Race to 4 in 2010 which as has been mentioned was the introduction of of D5 5-man.
So round about 2026 we should be talking about whether there really is a need for D8 3-man at Cup.

LOD said...

PSP World Cup 2011, numbers:

Pro(xball)=12 teams ($33.600)
D1(xball)=16 teams ($44.800)
D2(xball)=37 teams ($103.600)
D3(xball)=73 teams ($189.800)
D4(xball)=44 teams ($114.400)
D3(5man)=65 teams ($65.000)
D4(5man)=140 teams ($126.000)
D5(5man)=27 teams (27.000)
opento2=5 teams (2.500)

Pro: 10.000, 4.000 and entry fee
D1: 5.000, 2.000 and 1/2 entry fee
D2: 2.500, 1.000 and 1/2 entry fee
D3: 1 entry fee and 1/2 entry fee
D4: 1 entry fee and 1/2 entry fee
D5: 1 entry fee and 1/2 entry fee
rest: 1 entry fee and 1/2 entry fee