Thursday, January 5, 2012

In Demand?

As you likely already know, unless you've just pulled your head out of the snow (or the sand), the NPPL is touting a PPV show of Huntington Beach 2011 available In Demand. What nobody makes clear until you order it though is how much it costs. It's $9.99 on my local cable service. [And if you follow VFTD on Facebook you know I've been through the snipe hunt it took to make that discovery. And if you don't, why not?] But that's not what I'm presently curious about. Has everybody (anybody?) who is promoting this program actually ponied up their cheddar to watch the show? And beyond that who else has watched the program and how much did it cost them to In Demand it? And if the NPPL is so gung ho to get viewers why haven't they listed the price anywhere? And if, as the hard core supporters insist, it's all about promoting paintball why isn't it 5 bucks or 3? Did you buy the show? How much was it? Remember, your comments can be anonymous. ;)
I suppose it's supposed to be a big deal that competitive paintball can join the ranks of the PPV event giants and charge money for their show but is there really an audience and is it really about anything other than the NPPL's bottom line? Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed in any way to competitive paintball generating cash money--if it did, some of that might trickle down to me--but I weary of the hucksterism that always seems to be part of the effort. And if you think about it the condescension and lack of respect it displays for most of you people.


Anonymous said...

It should tell you something about the channel you're on when the show on before you is "I'm Alone, Horny & Throbbing Wet!"

Seriously. That's the show on before the NPPL show tomorrow. Also $9.99. I know which one I'd rather watch!

Anonymous said...

online gaming doesnt even mess with tv and it gets zillions of views

Rock Star said...

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