Sunday, January 1, 2012

Burning Questions, 2012 Edition

Hair of the dog? They say bananas, sports drinks & primrose oil among other things can help--not that I'm familiar with post celebratory hangovers mind you--but stay hydrated. Btw, thanks for the week off. I enjoyed it, nothing much happened anyway. Hope you had a swell blah blah blah and have a happy blah blah blah. And yes, I'm brimming over with holiday cheer blah blah blah.
Since December was Baca's Mailbag month at VFTD (the blog) everything else was either tweeted (@VFTD) or posted up on VFTD (the Facebook page). Try to keep up.

The first burning questions of 2012: (feel free to add your own)

If Impact sticks with their rumored plan to play only NPPL this season will their players be allowed to play elsewhere in the other leagues? And if so, who should play where?

Will there be an Aftershock in 2012?

How many pro teams fail to answer the bell at the start of the season?--(whenever that might be in individual cases.)

Will HydroTec finally roll out there water ball this year? Did you see the latest HydroTec video? [h/t Facefull on Twitter] Can you say desperately trying to remain relevant? Still, the sheet of half shells filled was kinda cool but I don't remember hearing a release date in there anywhere, did you?

Over in Euroland will there be as many defections from the closed division ranks as there were last year? And after scouring far and wide for replacements last year where will the new crop come from?


Mike said...

I don't like that rumor about Impact. I understand that Bart is the NPPL essentially however if he wants his team to be one of THE BEST, you have to be the best in more than one league.

Mike said...

Also, what's your New Years resolution Baca?

Baca Loco said...

New Year's resolution? Win.