Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MS French Riviera Cup 2012

Over on the main page of the MS website the announcement of the venue for the first event of 2012 reads:  "We are pleased to announce that our 2012 opening event will be held on the French Riviera at “Parc Saint James Oasis Village”, Puget-Sur-Argens." (If you want to see what it's like the title is a link to the venue's website--and a bit of exploring--at the website--will give you a sense of what else is in the general area--but not the amount of traffic to be overcome to visit various sights.)
All in all it looks pretty fantastic and if the Millennium can manage to put the fields on some nice level grassy ground it looks like a winner. Since it will be at least an hour's drive from Houston to Galveston if I have to drive--and I do--I know which destination I would prefer even though I'm not a big fan of Provencal cooking or wines.

VFTD would like to hear from the Eurokids; what do you think of the venue? More trouble than its worth? Too pricey? Or a nice mix of paintball with an appealing destination?


Nick Brockdorff said...

Honestly, it all depends on the field surface.

If the surface is crap, in order to get a "great venue", it will still suck in terms of a paintball venue.

If, however, the surface is good, then I like the possibility of on-site accomodation, and being able to walk back and forth to the fields - it gives you a lot of freedom.

All that being said, please remember, this is a camping site - it's not some cool top of the line vacation spot, and it's miles away from anywhere, in the middle of the woods.... so you will still need a car, if you want to go to a good restaurant, bar - or even shop for food to cook in your rented cabin ;)

Nick Brockdorff said...

Oh, and as for price, this is dirt cheap (which should tell you this is more of a trailer park, than a Disney park), despite the Millennium Series making a killing on kick back from the venue (prices are close to double the normal ones, despite being out of season at the event dates).

A quick calculation tells me, that if you put 6 players in a 6 person cabin, it works out at $ 20 a night, per person.

I'm not complaining, it's still cheaper than what I pay for accomodation at most other events, so I don't mind the league making a buck or two off me this way.... but they BETTER make sure the fields are up to scratch, otherwise this will be reminiscent of the Belgium debacle a few years back ;)

Tugais said...

The first time I heard about the event I was really excited about it.

I truly believed that we could have a spot like Malaga in Spain - which was great except the minor problems with storms overrunning the fields ...

This year, the MS give us "Pujet sur Argens" for the 2012 opening season. Well ... I'm probably pessimistic, but I cannot think this move is a great step forward for Euro players.

The location is incredibly expensive, incredibly lost in middle of nowhere and incredibly non-credible.

Being a little sarcastic here, the name of the town could be translated as "Pujet on money". Nice spot.

Nick Brockdorff said...

Accomodation is REALLY cheap, we have to give them that, and I am guessing the big supermarket chains are not more expensive there, than in the rest of France? - And Nice is pretty cheap to fly into from most places in Europe.

So, the event does not seem expensive to me, unless I want to go to bars and restaurants.....

But you are the Frenchman, so you might know something I dont about the place? :)

k. said...

A bit off topic:
Heard a whisper of MS ditching 6 Giant Beams and adding 4+4 New Confidental Bunkershapes to the field.

Nick Brockdorff said...


4 new beams and 4 bunkers called "angles" - together supposed to "revolutionise snake play" and completely replace the snake we know today.

No visuals are available yet.

This also means - I guess - that cakes in the snake are a thing of the past, and they will be used elsewhere on the field.... or maybe they are still meant to act at "knuckles"?

Fullbore said...

The recent track record of MS and 'resort' venues is not great, other than Euro Disney. Belgium, as has be stated, was a farce, with the hole ridden muddy playing surface and a venue sealed off by a cycle race for most of the Sunday. Turkey, where many teams boycotted the event due to the late announcement of venue, the costs of travel and the length of stay needed to take advantage of the package deals available.

This venue looks OK, there are advantages to having it all on site, the accommodation is value, though maybe not 5* but you can't drink Champagne on beer money, the weather should be OK. If you venture to the coast then prices will rise, but there are supermarkets in the area (and budget off site hotels too, if you don't want to stay on site).

It looks like they have opened the resort up especially for the event, so no angry French people if it gets a bit too rowdy, which no doubt it will, with so many paintballers in one spot, so don't bank on a great night's sleep. Yes, a car probably will be needed, unless there is a shuttle service from the airport. Already aspersions are being cast that the MS are looking after their own as there is an existing paintball facility on the site!

Bacca, I wouldn't worry about Provencal fare, there will be a choice of other foods and beverages, hot dogs, ham and cheese baguettes, beer and Coca Cola should feature largely.

What about Paris though, will this be a non-event, given that it is sandwhiched in between Vegas and Cup, I can forsee a lot of teams/players boycotting it in favour of training on the Cup layout and not making a mad dash to Euroland between events!

Tugais said...

Nick you're right about the accommodation, I cannot contest on this one. But South of France, and especially the Riviera, is not the cheapest place over here and if you want to avoid the usual fast food, and have some real food you will have to pay a nice extra for it.

About the flights, you can have a go with low-cost companies, but I admit that I always had troubles to pack all my stuff in one small bag which is the limit for companies like EasyJet.

The fact is that I'm disappointed about the direction taken by the Millennium Series. They promoted themselves for years as the best to promote the sport - not even in Europe but worldwide - yes US folks, PSP and NPPL are nuts for MS Board, but hey ! this is all about business and self-promotion right ?

The result is that year after year we lost great venues - who told Toulouse ? - and coverage on media. Not even mainstream (Eurosport channel and MCS Extreme channel) but paintball media too.

This year, a major paintball league should open registration in France and supported by a sponsor coming from the sport drinks industry. MS Board, EuroRef and GI Sportz tried to sabotage the launch by some ridiculous press releases. We don't know much about the newcomer but I surely follow this alternative.

Baca Loco said...

Got any links to info on that upstart French league? I'm curious.

Tugais said...

At this day, there is only a Facebook page that you will find here :

The official website is under construction and should be available soon according to the MBT staff.

There is no english version of the facebook page. if you need some extra informations or ask some questions to the MBT staff let me know, I'll translate and send them the questions.

Nick Brockdorff said...

Facebook link seems not to work?

Tugais said...

The new link is :

If for whatever reason the link changes again, just look for the name : MIAMI BEACH TOUR 2012-LYON


Nick Brockdorff said...

From what I see there, it doesn't seem like an International league trying to rival the MS?

Tugais said...

You're right, this is not a direct contender to the Millennium Series. But the staff plans to host several events with 80-100 teams competing during 2-3 days.

I think the MBT could hurt the MS hosting half of their events in France this year. The MBT could attract a good amount of french and belgian teams.

It could be a reason, why the MS, the Euroref and GI Sportz released a Press Release to discredit the new league. By the way, the lawyers of the MBT already announced that they were taking action against L. Hamet. Paintball world ...

Baca Loco said...

Thanks, Fred

Anonymous said...

you gotta love the Frenchies.