Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Midweek Musing

I'm outta here tomorrow early headed to Chicago and the NPPL Chicago Open (and Living Legends 5--or is it 6?) at CPX Sports Park. We should get some practice time in Thursday afternoon. The schedule is out. Links are available at the NPPL website (of all places.) As far as I can tell it doesn't look like there will be a webcast. I've heard nothing about one for Chitown and can't find any indication there will be one. (Although after the weird business with the UWL Facebook page the other day I'ma little paranoid.) I should have daily reports up on the event over the weekend.
It also looks like the 5-man Race 2 experiment in the NPPL is just about kaput. Last I checked 8 teams in D4 were signed up to play. Be interesting to see what comes next given that the DC event has consistently been the weakest on the schedule. Would expanding the Race 2 for lower divsion 7-man teams pump up the volume?

In visiting a few paintball sites around the web this morning I discovered that PaintballPhotography.Com now has (more or less) equal billing on the banner with Facefull--at Facefull's site. Has there been a coup nobody told me about? Is Gary B. secretly (or not so secretly) determined to monopolize paintball photography? If he is maybe a different logo, that starburst thing just doesn't do anything for me.

Over last weekend the DPL was competing on the MS Bitburg layout and all the action was available to watch live here. It also remains available to watch in time blocks if you're curious. (Same link.) I've watched about 90 minutes worth over the last few days because I wanted to see if anyone would do anything unexpected--the MS event is less than two weeks away--and to see how similarly, if at all, German league play was compared to Millennium play. Unsurprisingly it looked much the same and in the 10 or 12 matches I watched across multiple divisions the routines became highly predictable--though that wasn't altogether a lack of imagination, more a matter of responding to the dictates of the layout. Regardless it's an interesting watch for students of the game. (Thanks to Nick B. for the head's up and original link.)


Mark said...

Interesting, they say one for one not eins zu eins.

Nick Brockdorff said...

LOL @ Mark :D

Anonymous said...

Not to pat myself on the dick here, but I believe your favorite Anon has brought this up before.

I guess all those "wild" predictions just seem to keep coming true, huh?


Don Saavedra said...

VFTD Sponsored by... Ray-Ban?

Baca Loco said...

More like Spam filter malfunction. :) Although for a second there I thought it might be my favorite Anon.