Monday, May 14, 2012

The Monday Poll

And now for a very controversial VFTD The Monday Poll--or not. Either way I'ma carry over the themes from the last post; Rules, Order & the UWL Banning. I want to see what y'all think was the most valuable lesson to take away from this incident. I guess I'm mostly curious because of all the chowderheads in the PBN thread; mostly ignorant of the facts, talking past each other, pushing a personal agenda or just plain dumber than two rocks coming together. I'm counting on you lot to do much better. No pressure.
As is the norm you can vote only once so pick the single answer that best reflects your views--and if you find yourself agreeing with more than one, well, that's what comments are for. Is there a Big Picture application here or is it just a one off incident in a marginal league that got noticed during a slow paintball news week? Or maybe both? As always, you decide--and next week I tell you, as a collective (like the Borg) what you meant. (That way I always get the last word. Totally unfair but it's my blog.)

Special Wednesday Edition of The Monday Poll in Review
Last week's poll was intended purely to satisfy my curiosity and I appreciate your votes. It went about the way I expected with nearly half of the voters; 46% preferring VFTD stay paintball all the time while 26% of you were decent enough to accept the occasional O/T post as long as I don't go overboard with it. Beyond that I confess to having some prejudices as to how I expected y'all to vote when it came to specific alternate subjects and you people surprised me there. Politics & Econ received 7% of the vote and the second largest percentage for an alt topic. This didn't seem unreasonable since it's probably the topic area I have drifted into most often in the past. I have also been avoiding it lately because any real news is so relentlessly bad I'd rather not and because there are those in this audience who are ideologically incapable of hearing and I don't see much point in preaching to the choir--particularly if it's going to alienate some others. At its core VFTD should be for everyone who is into competitive paintball. (Here's where you surprised me.) 10% voted for art as their preferred alternate topic subject. While I personally appreciate the votes it does make me wonder about the gender make-up of VFTD's audience. Toss in the fact 'sports' & 'cars' were kicked to the curb like so much garbage and I might have to rethink the numbers on how many girls are serious about their paintball. Just kidding. (No, I'm not.) Everybody knows paintball players aren't really athletes or into manly stuff like sports preferring to count their calories and gossip over their weekly pedies. (Okay, maybe I went a little too far but you'll still have to admit you know a guy or two just like that.)
Bottom line--I probably won't do anything differently and even with the strong minority support for art you won't see this Monday Poll any time soon: Thomas Kincaid, modern genius or better off dead?


Missy Q said...

Ref your art question, the answer is that all artists are actually better off dead. That is to say that their work goes up in value once they expire.

Baca Loco said...

That is a frequently correct truism--but, I predict, not in this case. Kincaid ran a mill and without the home shopping networks reaching his natural bourgouise constituency he'd have been just another guy painting pretty pictures. (Not that that is a bad thing just a common one.)

Mark said...

Ahhh, happy little tree's!!!!

Missy Q said...

In that case I bow to your obviously superior knowledge of (and apparent in-depth understanding of) Kincaids work.
When I think 'Art' I naturally thing of European art and all its wonderment, rather than the predictably capitalist Hallmark crap regurgitated by the colonies.

In Europe, the stuff hung on the walls of McDonalds and the Holiday Inn would not be referred to as 'art' in the traditional sense.


Baca Loco said...

Nicely done.

Our modern age struggles with definitionsa. ;-)

Dan said...

Missy, bad art is still art.

Mark said...

and subsequently qualifies for an NEA grant.

Missy Q said...

I'm sorry, but a picture of a bald eagle, or a kitten hanging from a washing-line in a sock, with some kind of 'life message' like "Soar like an eagle by making your sales calls every day", or "hang in there for that special client", is not art. Its just a picture, with a vomit-worthy message underneath.

Don Saavedra said...

Looks like somebody's got a case of the MONDAYS.

Mark said...

Just don't hate on "Dogs Playing Pool" and we'll be ok Missy.

Missy Q said...

No worries, why would I hate on a classic like 'dogs/pool/poker' when I have a plethora of 'kitten hugging puppy' (aw) pics with a sloppy 'play together grow together' typa-message under it that I can hate on first?

Motivational my fat black ass.

Nick Brockdorff said...

Nobody can really define what art is, except the artists themselves.

Hitler tried, so did Stalin.... they failed.

But who knows?.... maybe Missy is the natural progression of history and 3rd time is a charm? :)

All hail Admiral General Q!

Baca Loco said...

Today the gallery is Aladeen by appointment only.