Wednesday, May 9, 2012

VFTD Translater

It's not enough that VFTD is annoying and confusing in English--thanks to your future overlords at Google VFTD is now (sorta) available in the language of your choice. As long as that language is listed as one of the ones available via Google translate. Find the pull down menu on the sidebar under the Subscribe to VFTD feature. While I'm not sure I expect much from some machine translation I'm holding out hope that it might be good enough to broaden the reach of VFTD to like-minded non-English speaking paintballers around the globe. In an average month VFTD has readers from between 60-70 countries.(Remember, I remain hellbent on world domination. T-shirts still available. Click on Baddog photo link.) There is (hopefully) no longer any impediment to being a VFTD lazy slacker in the language of your, er, Google's choice.


Anonymous said...

The translation to Danish works like a... Well it's free right?!

Baca Loco said...

That's how I looked at it.