Sunday, May 20, 2012

NPPL Chicago: Saturday

Okay, I'm 0 for 2 on Dynasty rumors. Lang ain't here but Mouse is (d'oh!) playing with Arsenal--just like he was in HB.
If all that matters is playing on Sunday it doesn't matter that we backed in via the back door. 'Cus that's exactly what we did. We split matches again today beating Mutiny and losing in the last seconds to Impact in a very tight taut match 1-2. That match was seconds away from going into overtime when one of our players carelessly spoke after he was eliminating--and receiving a 1-4-1--taking teammates with him when we could least afford the lost bodies. While still a loss it also meant we played one of the best performing teams in the prelims to a virtual standstill. And that means we aren't too far off. We need to get better and we will have that opportunity Sunday morning as the matches become win or go home. After dinner we held a short team meeting to review our first match on Sunday, our opponent and how we want to play along with the adjustments and counters we will make should certain situations arise. However you get to Sunday everyone begins fresh and everyone has the same chance to win. What could be better? Actually winning of course.

In related news the reffing continued to be the source of disagreement and general debate, both on and off the field. The long hours, heat and relentless sun definitely took a toll on the refs over the course of the day. By late in the day too the sun was blindingly low in the late afternoon sky. None of which is an excuse but it definitely a factor. The questions really boil down to whether or not the "new" "improved" officiating really is--an improvement. Yes, mistakes are still being made on occasion. (As they are at every tournament.) But are the mistakes a result of the effort or process? I don't think so. It seems to me the effort has been high and the general calls fairly consistent. I remain inclined to consider the quality of officiating an improvement but if today demonstrated anything it's that even the best of refs, with the best of intentions, cannot perform to their peak effectiveness when they are tired and worn out (and worn down.) Same as anyone in a similar situation.
More tomorrow (or Monday.)


Anonymous said...

There is no excuse for a league putting their refs through 12 hours a day of games. Just another case of NPPL greed/short-sightedness.

Maybe if they'd built a third field instead of a boob-viewing area.

Anonymous said...

What's with all the boob hatred lately? You seem to have a heavy homo-centric following Mr. Baca. I need to cash in on some I Hate Boobies wristbands...

NewPro said...

Baca, since your updates come more frequently than the Nppls, can you post scores as well. I mean its a privilege not a right to know how your fav teams are doing

Anonymous said...

did I see only about 45 teams actually play chicago?

Baca Loco said...

Anon #1
Some might say there isn't another field's worth of "good" refs for the NPPL to hire--but I take your point.

Anon #2
I think it's less an anti-boobie movement--after all who can be against boobie movement?--than it is a comparison of priorities with the NPPL (perfect acronym under the circumstances) still convinced that lame parties and cheesy entertainment, available damn near everywhere any night of the week, makes up for tournament deficiencies.

No--but I can hep you out.

Anon #3
According to the prelim schedule 75 teams competed including the 14 Pros & 3 pumps. The largest 7-man division was D3 with 19 teams.

Anonymous said...

hmm the score sheets counted differently unless I miscounted

Baca Loco said...

I'll take another look