Friday, August 24, 2012

DC Open Day 1

Seems the the NPPL is updating scores on their Facebook page during the day so if you want to keep current that's the place to look. A quick look confirms they did a timely job and kicked in a few photos too. Unfortunately it doesn't really give anyone not present a sense of what's really happening. And in the pro bracket there have been some pretty crazy results. Given that 8 teams will get thru to the first Sunday morning round nobody is out--yet--but plainly some teams are in better shape than others. Undefeated on Friday were Damage, X-Factor, Legend and Xsv. Infamous stands at 2-1. Critical got a big win over Impact and Dynasty dropped both matches today in close scores. Xplicit continued to look solid with this year's revamped roster but lost a close match to Infamous and gave up an overtime loss to Xsv. But no matter how today went any team that finished 2-2 is likely to get through. The snake wire has been a war and despite the relatively easy access to the fifties across the field most of the matches have gone to time because the fifties don't offer guaranteed kills and moving across the fifty is difficult when the back bunkers are filled and crossed up. Even if the outcome isn't in doubt--and a few points were turned around down bodies and playing defense--it took time to dig those strong defenders out.
VFTD will do a complete review of the event next week.

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