Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Poll in Review

The Monday Poll is taking August off. (It's European apparently. Who knew?) Last week's Monday Poll wanted to know what PSP's World Cup ought to add as a stand alone or one time event this year. The inspiration was the rumor that the league is considering offering a blast from the past 10-man option this coming October. Given that no decision has been made VFTD thought it was a perfect opportunity for y'all to express your views. (As usual your apathy was palpable but among those who chose to vote the results were kinda surprising. I was kinda surprised anyway.)
Dominating the vote was 10-man with 42%. It would seem that the if the PSP pulls the trigger 10-man has the best chance to succeed. Second was that traditional Old Skool tourney addition, the 1-on-1 contest with 22%. Coming in third was traditional 7-man--which nobody plays--Oh, wait, there's some divisional NPPL kids still playing--with 11% of the vote. (The power of nostalgia and perhaps a clue as to the average age and paintball background of the VFTD reader--at least those willing to vote.) Fourth was Race 2-2 with mechanical guns only at 10%. (See what I mean about the voters?) PSP has offered this before, or something quite like it, and it was a total dud. Of course I don't recall them promoting it very hard though either. Coming in at 6% was the SplatMaster Challenge featuring WC refs for a change of pace and some light entertainment. Hey, if you think it's so easy to run around and kill people how 'bout you step up and show me what you got? (There's a joke in there somewhere.) Switching Masters from Race 2-4 to Race 2-2 collected 5% of the vote and closing out the official vote the mostly just for fun Play with a Pro 3-man Streetball got all of 3%. Unofficially there were a couple of write-in votes for "real" Xball--which works for me but realistically has no chance of happening.
If this 10-man thing catches on, who knows, before you know it we might be back in the woods. I think to lay down. I also think the PSP ought to follow-up with KEE on the ref's game. They could find 15 minutes on Sunday to include that. Put it on the webcast and maybe Kee will pony up for some webcast advertising. Just saying.


Nick Brockdorff said...

The webcast is a poor advertising vehicle for the Splatmaster, as long as the viewers are almost all active paintballers.

Though, I wonder if Kee has sufficient budget to make a real campaign for their US target audience - or if they are just banking on impulse buys at Walmart/Target type stores :)

From what I have seen, their campaign is old fashioned and inept, compared to what could have been done with the concept, if they had a real marketing executive doing their campaign.

Anonymous said...

^ Substitute executive for budget ^

Anonymous said...

Well someone should start paying for webcast advertising, and soon, or like 138 people will lose their jobs doing webcast and stats....

It's the paintball equivalent of shutting down GM.