Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Miscellaneous Big League Stuff

If you have missed the most recent VFTD--Facebook posts on the Millennium you may want to pop over and check those out first. (View-from-the-Deadbox FB) The latest word is that at least 2 and perhaps more SPL teams will be dropping out in 2013. So far Ignition is in--whose next?
More interesting is the Facebook page for the Millennium's effort at depressing CPL level team turnout at the first CPS event in late March. (free CPL practice) It was not clear to me--using assorted translators--whether or not the Med Cup layout will be available for that practice or not. It sounds like the layout isn't due to be released until the day after the "free" weekend to the public but it isn't clear whether or not the event layout will be the practice layout--though that was implied in earlier communications.
Also interesting is the list of invitees. While I'm not up on the complete rosters of the CPL teams Jason Wheeler of RL will be there (apparently) even though he is competing in the MS this season with a D1 team. I've asked Jason about this and as soon as VFTD hears back I'll post any or all of his reply as he permits. If any of y'all recognize invitees who aren't on CPL rosters post 'em up in the comments. At this stage it all seems rather murky.

On this side of the Atlantic thanks to Mr. Curious's rare skill at covertly wire-tapping Big Brother's eavesdropping capability it's beginning to sound like there is dissension in NPPL City amongst some of the principles although just what the disagreements are about is unknown at this time. Also it appears an avenue of dialogue still exists between Bart Y. and the PSP though whether this means there is any negotiating room with respect to Impact participating in the PSP this season is unclear. As of this writing the team remains out.
And finally there is the question of the Hawaiian Challenge. Will it or won't it? Due to happen this coming weekend there is literal radio silence from the NPPL. It was never very likely given the less than 3 week window for non-Hawaiian teams to register, pay and arrange travel--and then there's the question of the layout--was one ever released? I couldn't find it at either the NPPL website, Hawaii Extreme Paintball or on Facebook. My guess is the whole thing disappears down the collective NPPL memory hole and is simply never mentioned again. Even if that doesn't happen could the PSP or any other promoter, big or small, get away with this kind of grossly unprofessional conduct?


Anonymous said...

PSP had an event in Barbados last weekend. Great times, too bad you missed it!

Anonymous said...


Do you still communicate with Tampa bay damage and do you plan on returning in the future?

Do you think the MS would ever combine with the PSP to create a large global league?

Anonymous said...

Any reason why the SPL teams are leaving?

Baca Loco said...

Barbados. Sweet. I knew the new Challengers thing was invitation only--at least to get started but who knew there was aninvite only event.

1213 Anon
Yes. Right now I'm focused 110% on helping get X-Factor ready for what should be an awesome and exciting pro season.

Never say never but it seems highly unlikely.

1214 Anon
There's lots of potential reasons; like owner burnout, paying the season up front, players leaving, failure to achieve goals, etc.
I'm curious because they are a locked division but every year seems like a significant amount of turnover occurs and the more turnover there is at some point the league is gonna run outta fresh teams. Last year the MS scoured eastern and southern Euroland to help fill SPL and D1 spots so I like to keep an eye on the off season changes.

Anonymous said...

As for SPL Division team dryout - it´s not gonna happen. Since the time this division has been closed there it was never "full" for two seasons in the row. There were always several teams who gave up and several teams who took over free spots.

Anonymous said...

NPPL felt like they could improve on last year's performance and added at least 4 events to the schedule they can cancel this year.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys so NPPL biased you can't see the true NPPL?

There is no way the Hawaii event will be canceled, because the Hawaii event necessitates Chuck getting an all expense paid trip to Hawaii.

It has nothing to do with teams, etc. Come on guys. They event will go on as planned and it has always been an excuse to get other people to pay for your trip to Hawaii.

If you think Chuck is immune to this, I remember Hybrid Contract Killer and Derder Hawaii trips as well.

Baca Loco said...

Well duh Anon
But Chuck and Pev have already had their Hawaiian vacas when they went to set the event up in the first place. Do you think they're double-dipping? :)

Anonymous said...

Jrab posted on his Facebook saying that Impact is for sure playing the psp and didn't know where the rumors were coming from. Is he just out of the loop on what is going on with Bart and the psp or does he know something you dont?

Anonymous said...

Why would Bart inform his players that they might not be playing in the PSP? Seems like a good way to lose player morale, focus, and motivation. Players might see practicing for that format as a waste of time then.

Because Bart seems to have more to lose by telling the situation to his players, why would I trust that the players are more informed than Baca, who has in the past proven to have reliable insider information?

Just to clarify, I don't see why the players confirming that they're playing in the PSP should be trusted. As far as my brain has reasoned it, the players are more likely to be misinformed than Baca would be.

Anonymous said...

or maybe bart has pulled out of the NPPL.


Baca Loco said...

621 Anon
Thanks for the laugh!
I can't tell you what Bart did or didn't tell his players but I do know for a fact that some of them were well aware of the situation in advance.

Reiner Schafer said...

If Bart tells his players that they will be playing in the PSP and in the end the rug gets pulled out from under their feet, that will stir up more uproar (bad PR) in the paintball community for the PSP. Could just be another strategic, political move.