Sunday, February 17, 2013

Open Questions for the NPPL

The latest NPPL postings on Facebook have left me confused. As a consequence I have a few questions, the answers to which would clear things up nicely. I figure if I'm confused others might be as well so here we are. (Btw, if you--as readers--have any additional questions post 'em up in comments and maybe we can get everyone's questions answered in one place at one time.)
First, will the registration page have a link to team lists for events like it did last year--and appears not to this year? (I'm asking 'cus most teams want to know and because one of the Facebook announcements mentions the possibility the Hawaiian event may be cancelled. When? I take it entries will be refunded?)
With the Facebook announcement on Saturday of series prizes for all divisions--primarily free entries to 2014 events--is that in place of or in addition to the individual event prizes posted on the NPPL website a few weeks ago under formats, divisions and prizes? (I'm assuming it's both but you know where assuming can get you, so ...)
Then there's the pro two-on-two's at the, is it, 4 star events? I'm assuming (again) that it's active NPPL pro players [on a 2013 roster for instance] but that still leaves a few questions unanswered. Do the duos have to be from the same team? Is their team expected to send them to these events? What's the format? If participation isn't mandatory what's the minimum number of "teams" allowed to compete for the $2500?
I also saw something about the pro division being locked in 2013. What does that mean going forward? How many replacement teams will be allowed in before the division is locked?

That's it for now. Thanks.


Anonymous said...


Your prize for winning is.... free entry to the next event (that may or may not be cancelled *ahem HAWAII*)?

What a clusterfuck of a league. Just die already.

Anonymous said...

So is Hawaii cancelled yet?

Anonymous said...

Was the Hawaii event this weekend?