Monday, February 25, 2013

ETV and the X-Factor Tryout

Dan Napoli, Brad Maugham and crew were in town this past weekend getting the film footage to produce another paintball masterpiece. An extension of, and follow-up to, last year's X-Factor tryout production I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece as I think it will have something for everyone interested in competitive paintball and will deliver a pretty unique product. First, an inside look at how X-Factor as a team works and second, what I hope is a really clear-eyed look at the struggle and desire of some up-and-coming players to prove they have the right stuff to take the next step. For players who have been there the tryout should strike a familiar chord and for those newer to the game it should be an eye opener as to what the grind is all about. For every success story there are a dozen failures, two dozen players who must come to grips not achieving their dream--at least not just yet. And decisions to be made; is it worth it? Do I keep on? Considering past productions I can hardly wait. Fingers crossed. No pressure, guys.
The tryout process was a positive for me as well as it gave me additional insights into the team and some of the undercurrent of dynamics at work which will (hopefully) help me do my job better as the season progresses as well. The team has been laying the groundwork for the upcoming season for a few weeks now but the next couple of weeks there's a lot of work to be done--and there's going to be a lot on the line. 15 teams in Dallas playing for a pro title, the first of the year, and a spot in the Champions bracket moving on to the second event of the season. Seldom if ever has the beginning of a season seemed so fraught with importance. So consequential. All the teams will come out fighting tooth and claw to make the cut and with so many teams having made significant changes in the off season everything is up for grabs. Who is going to want it the most? Who is going to be best prepared to grab the brass ring?
The latest new look Russian Legion will be in San Antonio the next two weekends leading into the event. It should be excellent preparation for both teams. Can't wait. If you're in the neighborhood drop by and catch some of the action.


sdawg said...

But, what about the new Planet Eclipse gun!!

Baca Loco said...

It's in there. ;)

Anonymous said...

you guys going to play psp and nppl or just PSP

Anonymous said...

Patiently waiting your breakdown of the layout.