Monday, February 11, 2013

The Monday Poll in Review: Champions

Did you see any surprises in the list? Well there was Vicious on top of the list but Vicious definitely belong in the top ten anyway, right? Look at it this way--everyone who wants to is an eligible voter but not everyone who can will vote. It matters more to some than others so. Some get more involved--and that ain't a bad thing. Imagine the free for all if all the teams tried to rally the fan base to get out their votes. That would be fun to watch--and since every VFTD poll is guaranteed completely unscientific with an almost limitless margin for error--the results are merely a distraction, a Monday morning opportunity to kill some time debating the great paintball questions of the day.
Btw, the results went like this: Vicious, Heat, Infamous, RL/Dynasty (tied), Damage, Ironmen, X-Factor, Impact and 187. Just missing out was XSV followed by TonTons, Aftershock, Thunder and CEP. A range of 8 votes separated Infamous from Ironmen and the gap between 187 and XSV is close enough to make that a soft 10.
So, are these the top ten? The first Champions bracket in the PSP--or will it be different? Only the next The Monday Poll from VFTD knows for sure. (And we'll do it again once the prelim brackets come out and we see the match-ups.)

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