Friday, April 26, 2013

Is Adrenaline Games Trying to Standardize International Competition?

By standardizing the playing field? Now that the PSP has returned to 150' x 120' the dimensions are nearly identical (36 meters x 45 meters is 118' by 147.6') and so far this season the first two events of PSP layouts have been mirrored quite closely in the MS layouts. Except for the A (X) and the (new) 3D giant M how soon will it be before the rest of the bunkers sets align too? As it stands they are already pretty close. With the NPPL shifting over to the Race 2 style bunker set it makes too much sense for a company perpetually struggling in a tough economic environment to standardize the international bunker set--minus the unique center props--not to try and make it happen. My only question is are they, once again, acting independently of the leagues they provide bunker sets for or has there been some agreed upon plan to transition to a universal field set? Given past practices I'm assuming they are simply doing it and waiting for someone to notice as past objections--or claimed objections--have yet to result in forcing AG to change direction.

In a separate paintball mystery I wondering which pro teams currently retain a stake in the NPPL. Far as I can tell there's no way of knowing unless you're already a member and know the secret handshake and password. Last I heard the league had no formal (legally binding) contractual structure or bylaws and no formalized system for booting anyone once in out--but you know there are teams once on the inside that haven't competed in a couple of years--and they can't still be in, can they? Did they forfeit their stake by not competing? Does that mean that Impact is out? Did nay of the new pro teams pony up to buy in. The league wants to claim it's still a "by the players for the players" league but there's more secrecy surrounding which teams, if any, still have an owners stake in the league than when the Vatican elects a new pope.


Nick Brockdorff said...

Well, the MS is still also plagued by the "Mini M" - which is a terrible bunker - especially compared to the corresponding PSP race bunker.

redakuma said...

agreed there most likely is no binding agreements, but just as there is no way to boot someone. I bet there is nothing in place that stops leadership, from taking it all away and giving the "owners" nothing but a paper bag and thank you for your donation. what a fucking joke,its a ten years to the late from the first HB, we see the shameful end of it all. Did the check show up and clear?

Anonymous said...

I think standardizing the playing field and props is a good thing. It helps legitimize it as a sport if their are universally accepted guidlines and rules.

Anonymous said...

The last time NPPL sanctioned tournaments, the deal was something like the promoter paid NPPL $5,000 per event and NPPL collected all the ID money from the players.

So in this incarnation, all the teams that "own" NPPL get a cut of that money, right? Right?

Anonymous said...

You asked the right question so I will answer it for you- Yes, Adrenaline Games has attempted to “standardize” the playing surface for years and have done so with great precision despite what such leagues may have strained to accomplish, locally and abroad.

They even produced a magazine, one I hear you’re quite fond of, to demonstrate and market this singular ideal the world over.

I wonder why Lane would continue to choose Sup’Air over a more affordable and longer lasting alternative while a nationwide recession continues; the type of recession that had undoubtedly been cited as the cause towards league changes on all fronts.

A better question; what hasn't changed about the PSP?

I wonder if they get it on discount? Lay-a-way? I’d love to get that kind of service in this country… but I hear it’s . . .

Might want to ask him in person… don’t let him rant though, I hear he does it all too often. :D