Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Over At VFTD (FB)

Facebook, that is. If you haven't been checking in regular like you have--once again--been missing out. The latest--and why I brought the word over here to VFTD (OG) is there's a rumor that Arsenal is going to be a no-show at HB. Let me repeat that: It's only a rumor at this time. If true however it would explain why the NPPL posted then pulled their event schedule earlier today. Not only would an Arsenal no-show ruin the schedule it would necessitate reconstructing the whole pro schedule because there would no longer be enough teams to create 5-team groups.
In other VFTD (FB) news T-Harm was Instagramming the original NPPL schedule even as the league was going back to the drawing board.

Yesterday, VFTD (FB) pronounced unalloyed hatred for the new PBN front page and is looking for 500 "like" minded peeps to agree. So far the "likes" are in the fifties. Get over there and add to the numbers and check out some of the comments. Hey, John Dresser of PBN asked for opinions and since he's a friend I thought it only right to respond.

The MS claimed that one of the fields for the Med Cup event had been vandalized and showed a few pictures as proof. It struck VFTD as suspect however as the damage is marginal, the field was (apparently) left lying about on the ground uninflated and what better way to take a shot at modifying their sad reputation than by pretending to pull a PSP outta thin air? (Despite unforeseen hardships the league and logistics crew were able to blah blah blah) I think it's a hoax. I've heard from sources on-site as well who find it both conveniently timed with only minimal damage done. If anyone there sees any police presence etc. I'd like to hear about it.

In other MS related news rumor has it the EPBF rulebook is done. (The new rulebook intended for the Millennium Series but run through assorted EPBF committees to maintain the fiction the EPBF is something other than the latest rubber stamp for the MS Board.) Ironically it hasn't been released or a release date promoted because the rulebook has yet to be reviewed by the EPBF's Ruling Committee.

See the fun you're missing out on if you aren't dropping by VFTD (FB) once in a while?


Anonymous said...

YFA also says "hoax" in MS.


(Get out and enjoy the weather!!!)

Baca Loco said...

Thanks, I have been. Face is still peeling from San Antonio last weekend and I'll be at HB this weekend. And of course the FLA is a balmy 80 or so today. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the same guys went around with spades and dug the ground also. Oh, such vandals. Millennium gets my total sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, to be a fly on the wall to observe the conversation between T4 and whomever else from NPPL that led to Arsenal pulling out last minute...

And, there was at least one divisional team that was left off the original schedule. Someone on PBN posted asking for info on how to get in touch with someone from NPPL (as they weren't answering the phone or returning emails - which is par for the course) because his paid in full team was not included in the schedule, and he was less than thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Crush has obtained the Arsenal spot and bumped their D1 team into pro under the name Arsenal Crush.