Sunday, April 28, 2013

MAO Here We Go

Last weekend we had Impact in for a weekend's grind on the MAO layout and this weekend we had new Challengers competitor Texas Storm in town pounding out the points. From our perspective reversing that practice order would probably have been better but you do the best you can and both teams helped us prepare our game for this coming weekend's event at OXCC. Many thanks. In terms of the nuts & bolts of breaking this field down we're good. We know what we want to do and why and everyone has a good feel for all the various roles this layout requires but when the opposition is lined up across the field and the horn is about to sound and the scoreboard posts up each point as it's scored it all boils down to execution and the will to win. Are you ready?
This layout is interesting in the sense much of the field replicates many of the patterns seen on the PSP Dallas layout--D-wire and assorted crossfield contain lanes--except there's more going on in the center/middle of the field and the snake, which plays very differently. Given the offset positioning of some of the props it will be very important to see how the playing fields compare to the grid--and peeps practice set-ups. With so much clutter on the field narrow gaps and tiny windows offer marginal lanes and even small changes to key props can alter the field in important ways. Walk your tourney field carefully!
This is also a curious layout on account of the fact I expect to see a lot of cautious even slow play, especially by the time Sunday rolls around, in many if not all the divisions despite the fact that when approached with an aggressive attitude and a game plan to match it's very possible to score very quick points and turn any match into trainwreck paintball. Which will or at least could make for a great webcast. It will also make for a difficult field for the refs to officiate efficiently and effectively. Hopefully they will be well prepared too. The faster and more furious the action the more likely we are to see flags fly as the refs are overwhelmed by the speed of the game. After the event VFTD will compare and contrast the Dallas and MAO layouts.

Also coming soon, another installment of Whitebox TV as hosts Randy Randy and Old Grouch breakdown the Challengers action in this historic first event with both Champions & Challengers.


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