Wednesday, April 24, 2013


It's coming. VFTD is selling out. (Not really but I figure if I say it first it will confuse the haters.) VFTD is not going the typical Blogger-Google Adsense route of stuffing every nook & cranny with some ugly lame ads. What I do intend to do is use a rotating banner ad above the header--the photo at the top that includes the blog title--and a block of sidebar banners representing the blog's sponsors. My intention is to attract inside the industry sponsors. If you rep a company, large retailer, tournament series, etc. and are interested in the possibility of sponsoring VFTD let me know via the email link on the sidebar. In the meantime I will be using the lead-up to and time at MAO to make the rounds.
For those concerned that sponsors might influence content the best I can tell is the same thing I will tell potential sponsors--the value of this blog resides in its independence and the positive brand association readers will make. Besides, I never discuss gear.
Nothing will change other than I will be able to better justify the time and effort spent on what until now has been purely a hobby. Which reminds me, have you seen the "new" VFTD T-shirt promotion. If you hadn't noticed all remaining stocks of VFTD & Deadbox Puppet Army t-shirts are on sale at Baddog and if you want one all you gotta do is click on the image.

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