Monday, November 11, 2013

A Special Holiday 'The Monday Poll'

A few of you may have noted the passing of the Masters division at World Cup this year. Originally conceived as being a Race 2-2 division of play it first saw "life" in the Race 2-4 format at the behest of one of the PSP's then owners and remained a Race 2-4 division thereafter until this year when it wasn't offered. The difficulty the league has is that it's relatively sparsely attended--usually less than 10 teams--and the league doesn't want to get locked into a Masters commitment because they need to stay flexible for the more popular Race 2-4 divisions as they accept entries from for Cup. With a finite number of fields there is a finite number of teams that can be accommodated but the league doesn't know until rather late in the day just how the divisional numbers will break down. That means Masters is generally perceived as more trouble than its worth.
But--if it were reassigned as a Race 2-2 division it would be much less hassle to schedule. It would also be cheaper (which might draw more teams) and as a less demanding format (might also draw more teams and an even broader age demo.) As you probably guessed this week's poll is aimed at the Masters crowd. I'm not restricting who votes but I do want to encourage every potential Masters player to participate and if you know other players interested in this topic get them involved as well. The larger the vote count the better. I want to know what age ought to be the cut off age for participation and how receptive y'all are to the idea of switching to Race 2-2. Please read the whole poll thoroughly as it will be framed rather like a series of questions or paired options and you will be allowed to respond to as many option as you choose.
You know what comes next. Vote like the future of the Master division depended on it. ('Cus it might very well.)


Anonymous said...

As current players age, this division should grow. If you started in your teens late 80s early 90s, you would just now be aging unto a potential over 40 Masters div. A lot of us 'old fats' would enjoy this as we start to 'qualify' by aging. -GRR.

Anonymous said...

Ok silly question. do I vote? Always read this blog, but there is never a pole at the end of the post. Never really cared before I have an opinion! Yea!

Baca Loco said...

Top of the sidebar on the right.

Anonymous said...

Just a few thoughts:
Most of us, who would consider playing Master, would play second to watching our kids/teams in other divisions.
I'm 51 years old and love to play the game, but it’s hard to find 6-8 fellow players over 40 who can commit to playing, and if they do it cannot conflict with their other team’s schedule.
As much as I love to play paintball with my son and "young friends" I know I'm nowhere close in terms of skill and ability.
What Masters really does is give me an opportunity to get a few friend together, maybe talk an ex pro player or coach into playing and having a good time at a slower pace. Trust me it might start out as fast as any other divisional game, but it will slow down quickly. It's an age thing, one day all of you will get it.

As an option, make it an open classification but require 3 of 5 players on the field to be 40+ and other 2 players 30+.
Race to 2 is the correct format. Glory days have long past for us “old guys”, were just here to play a little PB and honestly it gives us another reason to attend World Cup.

BY the way Loco, got a spot on the back row for you if you want to play….