Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Drills: A Coach & Lil' Baller Short

Before I realized that my online animation resources were no longer available I was experimenting with the idea of some short short features that would allow me to produce them more often. I may have found an animation alternative but while I test it out I thought I'd also test a short feature script out on you lazy slackers. If you are unfamiliar with Coach & Lil Baller check out VFTD's YouTube channel here.

Coach: Let's move, maggots. Four on the board. You know the drill.
Lil Baller (LB): Not again.
Coach: That was a joke. Feel free to laugh.
LB: What was a joke, Coach?
Coach: You know the drill? Oh, never mind.
LB: Awright! You mean we don't have to do this stupid drill?
Coach: No, that's not what I mean. If you want to play you are doing the drill.
LB: But Coach if all we do is drill then we aren't playing.
Coach: And it's not a stupid drill. It's a very effective drill that improves both your laning and running & shooting.
LB: But Coach we already know how to do that.
Coach: Do you now?
LB: Yes.
Coach: Riddle me this then, Lil Baller, why do professional baseball players take batting practice every day?
LB: When you put it like that it does seem pretty stupid.
Coach: Kill me now.

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Mark said...

Seems to be missing that je ne sais quoi