Monday, November 25, 2013

The Monday Poll: Retracing the Evolution of Competitive Paintball

For the last week or thereabouts those of you so inclined have had the opportunity to suggest what you think have been the most important or influential changes to competitive paintball over its short history. Counting duplicates and very similar suggestions I whittled your choices down to 45 possibilities. I am going to reduce that list even further by combining some related or overlapping suggestions. For example, inflatable bunkers and symmetrical concept field will represent all the possible field permutations on the final poll listing. With a list as close to 25 items as possible y'all will have this holiday week in which to vote your top five choices. (Gonna be more like 30 options to choose from.) And just to drag this out a little longer after next week's 'The Monday Poll in Review' I will list the official VFTD Top Five influences on competitive paintball so y'all can see where you went wrong--or, who knows, got it right. Could happen.
In the meantime you should know the drill by now. Vote early and vote often.


Anonymous said...

but where is the advent of constant air??

Baca Loco said...

HPA is the all service air answer option