Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bringing on the Future

As the proud possessor of a bus pass for the internet superhighway I have yet to figure out how to upload, store and make accessible the dead tree version of 'View from the Deadbox'. Not that you care but I mention it because a couple of the old columns are relevant to the 'Rumors, Whispers & Statistics' post which has apparently engendered some discussion and then there's the feature piece in the latest PGi inquiring of assorted paintball peeps what they expect or hope for the future. Coincidentally the current issue of Rich Telford's World of Paintball, er, FaceFull has an interview with The Staud on the future of paintball, too. Is it coincidence that all of a sudden paintball peeps are thinking about what becomes of, principally, Pro paintball? There's really no all of a sudden about it as we're a couple plus years into a leaner sponsorship environment and through a few rounds of now defunct high level reunification talks that have included the Format Question. Speculation and rumor are par for the course but at some point a critical mass of circumstances will demand change. (And, no, that doesn't necessarily mean reunification or some mutant format.)
Entering the second half of the season is the time when everyone begins to get serious about planning the next year. That makes now the time to open this kinda discussion.
If I can't figure out how to upload material in the next day or so I'll post a synopsis of the plan (and prediction) I wrote three years ago in a future post.
That and somebody probably ought to say something about the latest NPPL TV season on FSN. Okay, if you insist. It's a good thing I'm not looking for new friends.

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Anonymous said...

Just have Obama come in and make everything better...he's all about change, you know...