Thursday, August 28, 2008

NPPL & NXL bleg

Can anybody tell me how to negotiate the NPPL website to find teams listing for Houston? I've stumbled across the listings for past events but can't seem to find one for Houston. Alas, I am that inept and if you have an answer for me feel free to gloat.
Also, seems I'm missing something at the 'new' for 08 NXL website as the last time I checked in team stats and results were only up for Phoenix but given my general computer illiteracy I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong there too.
Edit: seems like NXL site has thrown up some of the stats but I spotted a couple of errors just glancing at them. I don't want to call the effort into question ... but if it looks like a duck and waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck odds are it's a duck--or one of those crazy Japanese robot ducks.


Anonymous said...

Click "team lists"

Baca Loco said...

Assuming this works, thanks, Anon. (Coulda sworn I tried that?) :)