Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Rumor Game

Wow, somehow I missed out completely on the whole Ollie retires fake post. Apparently somebody phished (whatever that means) Ollie's PBN account and hilarity ensued. If Ollie's account isn't safe what about yours and mine? That would be positively frightening if I gave a damn--and knew what phishing was.
But it has inspired a new game. (The previous game was The NXL Game but 'Lanche ruined that by quitting early...) The new game is drop a name, start a rumor. The rules are simple. In a single sentence you have to drop a name and associate that name with some outlandish rumor. And of course your submissions need to be paintball related.
Here's an example: William Shatner, appearing at the midwestern scenario extravaganza, "Star Trek: We've Completely Run Out of Ideas" insisted that Tom Kaye (making a comeback with a brand new Automag Pump) wear Spock ears and asked everybody he met, "Did you know Sulu was gay?"

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Budd Orr has secured the NXL's future with a final round of financing; sources close to the discussions cite a key clause in the agreement stating "its not worth a damn thing!".