Monday, August 18, 2008

Magical Mystery Marks

What fun, boys and girls. Seems the kids at PBReserve got another email (or were on site) and dished a story about markings on bunkers on the NXL field at the late, great NEO. Even better, everybody and their cousin Klaus has a learned, thoughful opinion on what it means, how it happened, who did it, why it matters or doesn't matter and on and on. I skimmed the related PBN thread and enjoyed a good chuckle.
As an anarchist I approve of PBReserve and every bit of fact and/or fiction they post so kudos to them but in the interest of the truth I thought I'd take a moment to clear a few details up for y'all.
Yes, there were marks on a snake bunker or two on the NXL field. Yes, those marks could have given a snake player cite lines without exposing him. Those marks were there on Wednesday after the field was set-up "officially" and prior to play beginning. They looked like mud streaks and not paint. And they did align with common shots the snake should have been looking for. If they were there to help one team they weren't invisible to any of the other teams and it was a moot point anyway as they were just as mysteriously gone by Thursday despite the fact nobody admitted to doing anything about them. Did the rain wash them away? Maybe. Were the bunkers in question rotated? Magic 8 Ball gives a different answer every time it's asked. Was it purely coincidence? Could be. Was it a nefarious scheme? Naw.
But here's a clue or two. Enjoy your internet musings but don't take it too seriously. Partial info or half truths end up being little different from gossip, rumor and innuendo (which is as may be) but it's usually a far cry from knowing what really happened or knowing what's really going on.

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