Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage: Weekly Update

This is the home stretch, kids. In some respects the whole season hinges on what happens now. PSP needs a solid WC despite a venue change. The USPL needs an Act of God (or maybe Elvis) to demonstrate they are even a player in the major league game but Vegas is a great place to make a stand. The MS still has two events remaining and it appears that without locked divisions they would be hemorrhaging teams (as even SPL & D1 are down over last year and the MS imposed maximums of 32 teams per division.) And the Grand Tour is, so far, not so grand as they carry a pro division of mostly Eastern Euro teams and not much else. As we approach the off season (and another round of changes) you'd need a reliable crystal ball or Doc Brown's flux capacitor equipped Delorean to know how it's all gonna shake out.

Registration for the PSP's World Cup sits at 341 this morning while paid entries stands at 124. Today is an entry deadline with prices going up tomorrow until close of registration on September 26th.

Registration for the USPL's Vegas World Championships is currently at 46 not counting the pro teams with 5 teams paid. One month from today remains to register and pay for an opportunity to compete on The Strip in Las Vegas. There was some talk that Ron Kilbourne would return for the Vegas event with a Bushwackers squad but they are not currently listed among the pro teams.

Over in MillenniumLand there must be some subdued rejoicing as D2 & D3 (M5) have finally begun to show signs of life --or at least numbers with 16 teams registered in D2 and 34 teams in D3 (M5) up from 7 and 18 last week respectively. Hardly a landmark turnout but a huge improvement over just a week ago.

Still no registrations listed in D2 & M5 for Turkey yet though.

And the next Grand Tour stop, Riga Latvia, is separated from the Budapest event by less than a month. Perhaps as a consequence they have no pro registrations yet and only 10 registrations total across the other 3 divisions.

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