Monday, September 7, 2009

The Monday Poll

Since this is the Labor Day holiday I intend to keep my labor to a minimum. Like always but today I have an excuse. Today's poll question however needs a fairly extensive set-up as it's based on a hypothetical situation. (But still a realistic one as you will see.) Since the PSP (using the APPA system) hasn't had access to all competitive player rankings it has (in the past) ranked incoming players either by rule or, in some rare cases, based on knowledge outside the system. We know that some Euro teams from the MS have historically played down and since they didn't win much if anything nobody really cared. We also know that players from the 7-man league have ended up PSP rankings that don't match with their 7-man rankings usually to the detriment of the PSP--what with some 7-man pros carrying D2 or D1 PSP rankings and so on. All, I might add, in accordance with the rules. The result has been that rules intended to govern PSP play haven't always been able to account for circumstances outside PSP control. So here's your poll question for the week: Should the ranking rules be followed to the letter or should additional information be taken into account sometimes if the result is truer to the intent of the rules? Yes or No.

Next week, after the poll, I'll give you an example.

UPDATE: Have modified the poll so as not to frustrate Faction's limited faculties. Original 10 votes will be included in final tally next week.

Monday Poll in Review
Lots of votes on this one. Interestingly the same division of votes seemed to hold from day to day until the end of the poll which ended in a to 2-to-1 split favoring PSP's World Cup at Fantasy of Flight over the USPL (NPPL 3.0) championships on The Strip in Vegas. Given the actual split between the leagues this season has favored the PSP by more than 2-to-1 it would seem that the venues account for the difference in the voting. Peeps at least like the idea of playing on The Strip. Of course when push comes to shove and real cash money is involved I guess we'll see how it shakes out. Although, any substantive increase for the USPL in team numbers particularly given the late venue announcement and its unfavorable position directly following WC would signal, it seems to me, that the venue is a clear winner.


Anonymous said...

Which question are you asking:
1) Should the ranking rules be followed to the letter?
or 2) Should additional info be taken into account?

Baca Loco said...

I'm asking you to pick a position vis-a-vis the current situation. Given the situation described is it better to follow the letter of the rules or to, on occasion, take into account information outside the scope of the rules, in order to match the spirit of the rules. (The spirit of the ranking rules is clearly that players should compete at the level of their ability.) Letter or spirit?

Anonymous said...

I think he is referring to the Yes or No as answer choices. That makes responding to your question an issue. Your question would have us answer Letter or Spirit as you have suggested, but your multiple choice options only give us yes or no, which doesn't fit the question.

raehl said...

Your question is constructed thus:

"Would you like a red car or a blue car?"

A) Yes
B) No

I think you would have more success with your polls if the answer choices made sense.

Baca Loco said...

I can see how some of you might struggle with this--no judgement, just understanding, you understand, so I'll modify the poll as per frank's suggestion. For those who need a bit of assistance. ;-)

theone said...

It's a very nice textualist/intentionalist debate this time Baca...very Constitutional.