Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Domino Effect

(VFTD introduces short attention span blogging--)

Is nothing like the butterfly effect–you know, the absurdist notion that some random butterfly flaps its wings at a particular place and time and through some cosmically complex chain of cause and effect produces a tsunami on the other side of the world. That’s not where this is going. Although, I do have a simple solution. Kill all the butterflies. Problem solved. Nor am I talkin’ real dominoes. But the concept is named after the action and pattern created by falling dominoes. One falls and knocks the next one down and it falls and knocks the next one down and so on.

The domino effect I have on my mind today is the possible (probable?) absence of Smart Parts from the field of potential sponsors who support competitive paintball. And the specific domino I have in mind is Dynasty.


Janek said...

It all depends on what was Dynasty getting from SP - if it wasn't much, then that's exactly what the result will be - not much. But if there was lots of money being handed over - the results could be interesting. I think whatever happens there, the Dynabots will have a sponsor, one way or the other. If it's SP, will the AA's still be around? If it's Kee, which other team(s) will have to make do with a sponsorship package that will be spread around throughout more teams.

franktankerous said...

I doubt KEE is going to let the boys in blue take a dirty nap. Perhaps Kee will start carrying some SP stuff...

Crusificton said...

They'll just get a new gun sponsorship. They're in the top 4 at every tournament so they're sure to get some deal from someone.

Baca Loco said...

Apparently short atention span blogging is a bad idea. The issue isn't what happens to Dynasty--it's what happens down the line when they have to go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

yea; dynasty/ AA will be fine. But how about DSP paintball etc.?
BTW played against thier D4 team in prelims. What a great group of ballers.


anonachris said...

If Dynasty gets a mediocre deal from KEE in 2010, within 1-2 years we will see the launch of a Dynasty brand, including true team guns (not just Private labeled), like XSV tried and failed to do.

theone said...

When did XSV have a true "team" gun? They always just had special milled ego's.

Anyways, as to the Dynasty situation, they'll do fine.

My bigger concern is the effect that SP's situation will have on the AXBL/CXBL which has SP as a HUGE sponsor of the league (supplying jerseys, etc.). Which is different than SP's effect on PSP because PSP has a lot of other big sponsors, like Dye, KEE, etc.

Anonymous said...

It is not that Dynasty will do fine, its what effect they will have if they leave smart parts. Yes they will do fine but at the cost of other teams is what Baca Loco is saying. The more pie they get the less everyone else has a try at.

anonachris said...

XSV never had a team gun. That's the "not just" part of Private labeled. XSV had a failed brand of products that I certainly don't know the details on but involved pants and various hard parts.

raehl said...

Question I don't know the answer to:

If you consider the cash value of paint sponsorship at wholesale/event paint pricing, is a team's gun sponsorship significant when compared to it's paint sponsorship?

I would guess that the loss of a paint sponsor might be 80% of a team's budget for the year while the loss of a gun sponsor might only be 20% or less. But I really don't know.

Baca Loco said...

Chris (Faction)
Depends on the team. Dynasty has commanded bigger and better deals in the past than most teams. And back when SP had team gun lines the sponsored teams got a piece of the sales for their team branded guns.
Still, paint is a huge issue.

anonachris said...

Figure 80 cases of paint, $40ea per tournament. Correct me on the figures for usage and price, I have no idea, but just a quick estimate and thats $3200 times 8 events = 25600.

Practice paint is anothe issue, double or triple that number and you're at 75-100k in retail dollars. Not including any kind of cash payment to help fund entries, travel, etc.

Now figure 9 players, 1 gun per player per tournament ($1.5kea, 8 events) = 108000. Not including cash, to fund entries etc.

Seems like they are at least pretty similar unless I'm way off on my paint consumption estimates.

My gut feeling tells me Dynasty's gun deal is (was) bigger than their paint deal.

nehurricanes said...

1920 to 2560 cases of paint
72 guns
Plus whatever else pays for entry fees, hotel, rental cars, airfare, et. al.

Dude, I wanna play on your team!

anonachris said...

I don't know about pratice paint and the likely hood of shooting that much paint -every- tournament, etc. so I over estimated to inflate the paint number (the question was if the paint was more than the guns, I figured over estimating in this case would make sense).

But I know quite a few who were getting 1 gun a month or 1 gun an event. Of course that might have changed recently.

I also heard those silly rumors that probably aren't worth repeating, (but with the current SP issues it makes it more likely) that SP owed Dynasty a lot of money LAST year. Upwards of 250k if you believe the crazy rumors. Somewhere along the line that number probably got confused and inflated from an original contract deal, but who knows.

nehurricanes said...

The days of a gun a month, or even a gun an event, have long since passed us. I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule, but they are exactly that - exceptions.

Put it like this, I'd bet there are more pro teams with players paying money out of pocket for events than there are pro teams paying players.

anonachris said...

No disagreement. I was talking about Dynasty who I'd assume was doing better financially than 90% of the pro teams...

BeSmart said...

The 'deal' with guns had an 'in lieu of. .' attached to the real number.

Whatever the reposition is that SP ends up with, there is going to be lots of shopping around. This is assuming they come out of this ok.

Anonymous said...

The deal, when originally done (was it 2005?), was worth $250/seson for 3 seasons. This was at the height of Dynasty's success, and what it cost to get them away from Angel. Dynasty's deals are done through their agent, and are locked down pretty well.
Since then, the deal would have been renegotiated at least once, probably a couple of times, but as the team didn't go anywhere one can assume that they kept a reasonably profitable deal for 2009/10.
If SP pull out of that deal (they may not even be able to), then KEE would seem to be the obvious deal for the team to take, as they are already in deep with those guys. People who KEE already sponsor will be cut to make room.
The only other alternative would be Eclipse. If Dynasty went with Eclipse that would have a more drantic effect on sponsorships, as Eclipse could really mess a few teams up by cutting them off and re-shuffling their stable.

Perhaps they cut Xfactor, XSV, Hurricanes and Bushwackers, and drop Dynasty in instead? What would that mean?

of course, they could go back to Angel, but I think that woudl be a surprise move compared to the other 2 options.
Who else is there? Dangerous Power? Bob Long? Kingman? There really are not many high-end gun manufacturers with a suitable sponsorship budget.

Missy Q said...

they could go to Dye.