Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paintball Miscellany

First item up today is Turkish paintball. I received a response from my original commenter to the follow-up VFTD posted from Turgay Balkan. VFTD's principle interest is the MS's relationship with Turkey's premier small arms manufacturer, Sarsilmaz, and how it came about and its impact on the season ending event with respect to the Turkish Paintball Federation, etc. VFTD does not want to become a surrogate for a political squabble. In the follow-up (which VFTD will not be posting) the original commenter primarily defends the original comments as not anti- the federation while pointing to some numerical inconsistencies. Suffice it to say the dialogue has devolved from the larger issues paintball faces. If you're unclear on how all this got started check the links and look here.

Selected VFTD posts will be reposted in French for those of a French persuasion whose English is as poor as my French thanks to the translations of Frederic Rodrigues at Alternativ Sport. Look for AS on the sidebar. Merci, Fred.

Word from across the pond is that Draxxus will no longer be selling through a distributor and will move to direct sales in France.

On the subject of paint--Did you know? That with most of the cheap paint talk revolving around China that India and Korea are also in the paint manufacturing business? Lately, when it comes to paint it's getting harder and harder ... to guess the point of origin.

Coming soon--Episode 5 of 'Ask the Coach': Stylin'

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