Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eye of the Storm

Today's post was supposed to be about pro teams of the future. I didn't get it done so maybe tomorrow.
Instead, here's a preview of what may be coming in the clash of the bunker behemoths, Sup'Air vs. Ultimate Air. Sure, there was the recent war of words and a thread or two filled with lots of largely worthless guesswork, jingoistic bluster and a non-responsive retort aimed at winning the public opinion sweepstakes--but what else are forums for? And then everything in the public eye went silent. Silent but not over. Not by a long shot. Because whatever anybody says when comparing the two brands Adrenaline Games holds a major advantage in market share. One Brimstone is unlikely to overcome as long as the largest percentage of tournament paintball uses Sup'Air.

On the speculation front I doubt any of the parties have the resources to litigate and a decision to go that route would be the equivalent of going all in playing Texas hold 'em. You win or you lose and a good bluff can be as good as the best cards.

As a matter of educated guesswork it would seem like a better option for Brimstone to pursue breach of contract of the licensing agreement. Should it ever come to it Brimstone probably has cause to include the major leagues (and the PSP specifically) in a patent infringement suit. And speaking of infringement if commercial use of a similar bunker system can be demonstrated prior to the original filing the patent is void. But what appears to be the key to the patent is the tie down system so it may be that any inflatable bunker with a different tie down system isn't subject to the patent.

Anyway, this situation isn't finished. UA has the next move.

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