Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Exactly The Monday Poll

Call it making up for pulling the day's scheduled post. Call it morbid curiosity. But heads are beginning to roll. Another batch of pro-ranked players are soon to fall by the wayside. (And one reason VFTD wants to do Pro*files but you lazy slackers need to help me out.) Pro-ranked but without a pro team to play for.

You might even consider this the new year's first Another Cynical VFTD Game although this one cuts a little too close to home for me to be entirely flippant. I don't like to see players lose their opportunities or the list of active pro players shrink while the ranks of the ronin continue to grow. But like it or not, it's happening. It's also another step towards making the final team cuts of the pre-season. About now more than a few teams are also coming to grips with the reality that if they don't sponsorship deals in hand odds are the music has stopped and that didn't get the last chair.

So here's the game: Part One--name that cut (who's out and who's in?)
Part Two--Who is gonna be PSP pro at Phoenix? Who is gonna be PSP semi-pro at Phoenix?
How many make it to World Cup?

Bonus credit--how many teams register for HB? (And will the event happen?)


Mike said...

Part One - Naughty Dogs.

Part Two - Pro: Impact, Damage, Dynasty, Ironmen, Russian Legion, Infamath, Aftershock, Vicious, Americans.
Semi-Pro: XSV, PBV, Aftermath II, Vicious II, Entourage, Raiden, TBD Fierce and probably more.

Bonus - Event will happen with... 58 teams?

3rd Coast said...

Pt1- Naughty Dogs, Hurricanes,

Pt2- RL, Aftermous, Damage, Dynasty, Ironmen, Aftershock, X factor, Vicious, Americans, XSV.

Semi Pro- Aftermath, DSS, Entourage, Raiden, TBD, PBV, X Factor II, Mutiny, Elevation, and probably more.

Bonus- Less then 30 teams, probably not.