Sunday, January 3, 2010

Michael Strahan Says ...

I love me some me.

Yes, there was a Burning Question posted late last night that has suddenly disappeared. Since it was predicated on an erroneous reading of the PSP announcement. So yeah, I blew it and instead of leaving it up and saying move along, pay no attention, nothing to see here, I pulled it. (Although I suppose everybody on the feed has it and no doubt Google has tucked the page away somewhere in a dusty corner of the cyberspace basement--over by the old water heater that doesn't work. But it's okay because I blame Lane. He set me up.)

Anyway, instead I've crunched a few numbers and I don't see more than 10 pro teams. The pro field can run 12 games a day max. If the pro prelims remain the same 10 teams need 20 games to complete a prelim. The follow-up question is what happens next? 4 teams? Best two out of three still or straight elimination? Also, will this mean the semi-pro gets their own field and will it limit the total number of allowed teams in the division?

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