Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Poll in Review

Thanks to those of you with both an opinion and the will to click a mouse and vote. Unsurprisingly the votes were overwhelmingly in favor of the (sorta) unconventional field. I say unsurprisingly because it's easy to favor something different when it's purely hypothetical so I've no idea how much stock to put in the vote but that wasn't the point. (Oh, if you're late to the party or wandered in here by mistake this is about last week's Monday Poll that featured an unconventional field layout. It's down the main page so go have a look.) The point was simply to get it out there and hopefully get people--that would be you lot--thinking in broader terms and to gauge in a totally unscientific way how the tourney crowd might respond to something a bit different. We won't get different until the folks responsible are reasonably confident we'll accept different so it's a catch 22 type of deal. Except, of course, for when new bunkers come out--nobody seems to care then how they might alter things or whether the players like them or not. Anyway, this particular layout wasn't really all that unconventional except that it moved the A (X). Otherwise the layout would play exactly like a "normal" format-formerly-known-as-xball field. In the future I'll see about pushing the boundaries of design a little further and see if I can't frighten more of you. I could for example use the Millennium M and if that isn't sufficiently scary there's still 23 more letters in the alphabet.


anonachris said...

Maybe someone could spell UltAir across the center of the field with big inflatable blow up letters? ;)

Tom222 said...

That was kinda done at World Cup once already...There were a number of fields with the sponsors name spelled out in bunkers...Angel across the 50....JTs in the a couple more that escape me at the moment.

He said...

The only place I would put something that spell UltAir is at the end of the field, in that big metal thing called a dumpster!