Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Major League Paintball on Suicide Watch

The weekly update.
Beginning with the MS let me suggest that no one take this week's Monday Poll too seriously. While rumors have been floated regarding a PSP move to Euroland VFTD doesn't believe there is any real chance it will actually happen. The poll should be viewed more as a referendum of opinion on the MS than anything else and is unlikely to tell us anything we don't already know.
There is nothing new on the short-lived brouhaha of a new MS-supported Asian league although I'm hoping to hear more soon.
For the moment put this one in the category of gossip. Not quite rumor but... Euro sources have claimed that there are an undisclosed number of CPL teams that have not yet paid an entry fee this year. If true, it would further undermine the standing of the league. Unfortunately no numbers were forthcoming though some have suggested it may be as many as half. Some of the names are known but VFTD received this info on the condition no names would be included. It is important not to assume such conditional info is necessarily accurate or true or to fail to take into account who could benefit from spreading false gossip. As a rule VFTD judges the quality of the info received in part from the source(s) themselves and in part from the ability to confirm details with other sources. When the subject is as sensitive as this one it is especially difficult however I've included this item because I think there is something to it.
The unlocked divisions have a total of 17 registered teams including 7 UK teams. It remains relatively early days and if Bitberg was indicative the numbers of registered teams will jump as the event date gets close.

Staying in Euroland the not so Grand Tour scheduled for Lviv Ukraine saw registration climb to 22 teams this week with the event less than 2 weeks away. The organizers have put a Saturday night party together at a local nightclub and posted a color vehicle border pass to be placed in the window of any car, bus or van transporting players to the event. From here it all seems rather mysterious and Cold War but I imagine it's just routine and the pass is a convenience to facilitate the border crossing.

The NPPL returns to Pev's the weekend of August 8-10. Unfortunately for some pro teams that is the weekend before the PSP's MAO and will complicate preparation for both events for the teams that play both leagues. No specific information is available yet but VFTD expects the NPPL to try and have a field layout confirmed and released the end of June, first part of July. Word is last year's event was well received locally so there is an expectation of bigger and better this time around. To date only general information has been released. No team count or early registration numbers are available.

PSP Chicago is rapidly approaching as is the final date to register and pay entry fees. Race 2-X registrations have fluctuated in the last week trending down around 10 total teams as crunch time gets closer. There are always more teams registered than eventually enter but the past tendency has been to see both late registrations and entries. I don't recall seeing teams remove themselves from the list of registered teams but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Currently Race 2-X total registrations stand at 99 and there will be at least a couple more appearing prior to the deadline. Race 2-2 has held steady the last week. VFTD isn't going to hazard a guess on final results based on past history because I'm not sure past results apply anymore. The official deadline is this coming Friday. We'll all find out soon enough.

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