Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Major League Paintball Weekly Update

I'm dropping the suicide watch and I'm not moving the MLP into an ICU ward. It's been a tough year and everybody knows it. That, and I'm going all soft and mushy in my old age (too many pizzas) so I'm knocking off the gratuitous negativity. (At least for this week.) But don't worry, I'll still be kicking the leagues around when they deserve it--which is much of the time.

No report from the not so Grand Tour on the weekend's Lviv event yet but scores are available at pblivescores.com. You'll need to register but it's relatively harmless and not terribly time consuming. From the quick look I took it appears first round pro leaders the Carpathian Bears missed this one. Could it be without their Russian Legion players they didn't bother to show?

Cut off for registration for Campaign Cup is tomorrow so today's numbers are likely to be close to the final total. The open divisions have a total of 41 teams registered with 14 in D2, 13 in D3 & 14 in M5. Right now D2 is down a third from Malaga & Bitberg. D3 is also down a bit but M5 is up a couple. No great surprise as 12 of the 14 teams registered are UK-based (and we all know most of the Brits will go for the lowest div they can squeeze into--excepting of course all those UK ballers who are also VFTD regulars. Hey! Where'd y'all go?)
There is an interesting video on YouTube showing Joy Division competing recently in Sweden with some GI Milsim logos on their jerseys. Of more interest however are the guns some of them appear to be using. Watch it here and see what you think.
Word has also come in recently that a well known industry personality will soon be leaving Paintball for, hopefully, greener pastures in the very near future.

Looks like the team list mentioned last week posted at the NPPL website may have been a link to an old team list page as it's no longer available in any form. Registration for the DC Challenge is open and it will be interesting to see if the special features planned for DC build some East Coast team interest beyond the Chicago turnout. Unfortunately the timing is poor, especially for those of us committed to both the NPPL & the PSP. Scheduled for consecutive weekends one event will certainly undercut the other to some degree and the NPPL event makes final prep for the PSP event very difficult despite the fact it's summer.

Nothing much new on the PSP front. The Chitown event hosted by Badlandz is this coming weekend. We're flying in a day early as it turns out because we needed to confirm our travel plans well before the league announced our playing schedule--which doesn't begin until Friday. I know it was tough trying to calculate necessary fields, likely turnout, collapsing semi-pro bracket and all the rest but wasted days cost everybody time & money. 154 teams will be competing in what early weather reports suggest might be a wet & muddy event. We'll see, and if our hotel's internet connection is willing I'll have daily reports to post.

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