Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The (Tuesday) Monday Poll

This week's poll is interesting as an attempt to gauge the paintballing public's opinion of the PSP Chicago Badlandz event. Was it a success? A set back? A good event marred by horrendous weather? A poor event made worse by horrendous weather? It doesn't matter if you attended or not. It doesn't matter if you know anything at all about the event. As long as you have an impression of how the event turned out VFTD wants you to vote.
This week's question is: How would you rate the PSP Chicago Badlandz event? You will be given numeric options one thru ten. One is hurricane Ike wiping out the NPPL Houston event and ten is your favorite WC or the first Huntington Beach. And if you'd like to expand on your vote you know where to comment.

Monday Poll in Review
Last week I gave you the 12 teams in the pro division and asked which six would play on Sunday. When the final votes were tallied the choices were; the Red Legion, Damage, Impact, Infamous, Dynasty & Aftershock which turned out to be 5 correct. The lone mistake was putting Dynasty in the top 6 instead of Aftermath and it wasn't so much a mistake as a surprise really. Based on past performance it wasn't unreasonable to favor Dynasty over Aftermath but as the cliche goes--that's why they play the games--and congrats to Aftermath for making a big splash in the deep end of the pool.


Jay said...

It appeared to be a good event, with a bad weather/tram problem. Had it not been for the rain or a tram breaking down, there wouldn't be much complaining. I like seeing paintball events @ paintball fields. I also think combining the event with the UWL @ the Badlandz was a great idea.

J-Bird said...

gotta say im really PISSED at aftermath. i had dynasty picked over them, but that was when they roster was filled with d2/3 players and a few semi-pro...then i look on appa to see how they DESTROYED some teams, and its filled with pro and s. pro players...fail.

Anonymous said...

You cannot blame the PSP for the weather but you can blame them for reacting instead of being proactive.
Per your own comments, "15 inches of rain in less than a week"... we've been to Badlandz before. We knew it would be wet.
Why not having a solution before showing up there? why not knowing in advance where to find hay or another solution, such as that powder used on the pro field...
Hay ain't expensive. It's more expensive than doing nothing but you have to have a budget for emergencies like shitty weather.
The staff really did a great job and obviously worked long hours. (just looking at their faces, you can tell they didn't get much sleep).

With a nice weather, it could have been a good event (don't even think about going for great event, it was at Badlandz, for Pete sake. Closest hotel 20 minutes, closest anything is 20 minutes...).
But it's Paintball. Mother Nature doesn't like our sport and she proved it more than once.

Countless events had major problem because of a lack of proactive thinking.

Good improvement though, like those new score boards and the small panels/easy buttons close to the pits.
Good reffing also with for what I saw, minimal mistakes.
Keep it up PSP!