Monday, June 7, 2010

The Monday Poll

This one is for our friends from greater Euroland (or anyone else who has competed in a Millennium event in the past.) I'm asking because it's an interesting question that everyone thinks they already know the answer to and because it ties into tomorrow's MLP weekly update.

Here's the question: If the PSP began running a Europe-based series which would you play?

Obviously the details are uncertain but let's assume, just for fun, that a Euro PSP would be as much like the current league and series as possible. That might mean slightly higher prices but also bigger prizes. Along with a legit player classification system, an actual rule book and generally consistent officiating.
If you haven't played a Millennium event please don't vote. If you know some peeps who aren't VFTD regulars but should participate in this poll please take a moment to encourage them to do so. The more votes the better. I can't guarantee that your vote will make a difference but with your lives entrusted to Brussels y'all should be used to that. Come on and vote. Let's see what happens.

Monday Poll in Review
The poll question was: How old were you when you joined your first competition paintball team? And the optional answers included both an age range and a time reference spanning the 1980s thru the present. I confess to being surprised by the results--at least given my expectations. I expected fewer kids as a relative percentage in the early years and that expectation was nearly reversed but the numbers were never close. No doubt the poll itself served as a filter of potential responders (abusing Heisenberg and all that) in that it's appeal is limited but in a paintball context less so than a blog dedicated to gardening. More likely some percent of Old Skool types just aren't into paintball anymore, particularly competitive paintball, which may (or may not) have skewed the numbers. Or, the numbers are what they are, and serve as a reasonably accurate reflection of reality--because of their consistency.
60% of all votes were in the under 21 age category (including votes for under 18). And maintaining that trend it's interesting to look at the 25 & under numbers versus the 26 & older within the offered time frames. In the 1980s 77% of respondents were under. In the 1990s it was 88% who were under. The 25 & under continue to dominate between 2000-2005 with 70% and between 2006 & 2010 with the smallest margin at 68%. I had expected the over/under numbers to skew older, at least percentage-wise, in the game's early days and show a movement toward youth the closer the voters came to joining a team in recent years.
Do the poll results suggest the conventional wisdom has been wrong all along? I don't think so but maybe, just maybe, the differences aren't as starkly drawn as many seem to think.

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