Friday, May 13, 2011

Millennium Shenanigans

If you paid any attention at all to the post on the Bitburg layout you will recall that the giant M was offset in all the official diagrams, grid & 3-Ds, the MS posted on their site. (The same ones remain the official layout illustrations at the time of this posting.) Which is why I pass along this tidbit of information; it seems the giant M is, and always was, intended to be part of a symmetrical design. Meaning--it ain't supposed to be offset. VFTD's source has ties with a certain French team that ought to know--and apparently does. Unlike most everybody else. VFTD's Bitburg analysis has even been translated into French and posted on the SOP site so the correct layout isn't widely known even in France.
Will the Bitburg fields be symmetrical? Will the MS erect fields that match what they posted as the official layout? Will only a handful of teams end up practicing on the "correct" layout in advance of the tourney? If this error was simply an oversight, a mistake, why hasn't anyone in the MS made any effort to correct it? Are they so incompetent that nobody has noticed?

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majma said...

isin't it a bit too much o philosophy over a small detail ?