Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Special Tuesday Edition: The Monday Poll

Last week, amid little fanfare (mostly because VFTD hasn't commented on it yet) the PSP announced Tactical Race 2-4 & Tactical Race 2-2 for D4 plus a one size fits all pump division. In this instance tactical means limited paint. Each player gets a full hopper and the team gets 5 pods to divvy up anyway they like. That's it. Otherwise the field and the game and the objectives are the same. The new divisions will be scheduled so as not to interfere with one another (or regular D4 Race 2) and the PSP not only will allow but has issued a challenge of sorts to teams and players to compete in as many D4 eligible brackets as they can. What VFTD wants to know this week is your first impression of the new tactical divisions. Just what does the PSP have in mind? You decide. Then you vote. Then you return a few times a day to see how it's going until you're invested in your answer "winning" at which point you start harassing all your soon-to-be-former-friends to come stop by and vote. Nicely done. That's the way to step up and make a difference.

Monday Poll in Review
Last week's question wanted to know who would win the NPPL Chicago event. The poll closed early so actual results wouldn't play a role in the voting--though I needn't have bothered as apparently nobody knew what was going on in Chicago most of the time--except Saturday night when the NPPL Facebook page received plenty of updates on the bikini contest. Priorities, you know. Anyway, the bandwagon for Dynasty ran away with the vote--and turned out to be correct. Don't you hate it when that happens? I can't stand hyperventilating fanboys unless of course they are my hyperventilating fanboys. (Slow deep breaths. Relax, PeeWee. Sure, Yosh will be happy to sign your forehead.) That part of the vote was no great surprise. After all Dynasty has dominated so far this year. They ought to be the favorites. Damage got votes based on last year's results and nobody other than Infamous got more than 3 votes which only goes to show how quickly the "fans"--such as they are--forget. Until the wheel of fortune returns to one team or another and suddenly paintball's tiny nook in cyberspace is once again filled with the mewling of adoring, lifetime fans. Can you say fickle, boys & girls?


Reiner Schafer said...

The comments about this on PBN have been mostly positive (that in itself is already a small miracle). But writing positive comments and committing to, plus handing over money to take part, are two different things. I hope PSP gives it a good shake. It would have been better if this had been conceived and announced during the off season, when players and teams could plan ahead a little more. I hope they don't cancel this after the current season if participation is less than stellar.

Don Saavedra said...

Reiner makes a very good point about the run-up to this. Plans for how you are allocating your budget for the paintball year are not done in May. Scenario/recreational players who might have been interested in trying this are likely already committed to other events by now.

I do like the idea, though. Very much.