Monday, August 8, 2011

Facefull Scoop

Kidding. Seriously, kids? Is Facefull no longer Rich Telford's Wide World of Paintball? Surely a call or email to Rich would'a gotten the insider scoop long ago. (The link to their reportage is in the title.) Oh. Wait a sec. The story is gone. Pulled, apparently.
Here's the dealio. It seems Facefull was reporting earlier today that there was merger talk (and another recent meeting at the Paintball Festival) and a number of sources were confident it--a merge--was likely to happen. Among those sources Chuck Hendsch was named specifically.
I have two questions. How is this news exactly? Didn't VFTD report weeks ago that a meeting between the leagues was gonna happen? Didn't ProPaintball then tell you about the meeting after the fact? Didn't VFTD (kinda, sorta) confirm the rumors and just finish running a poll about the rumored impending merger? Okay, more than two questions. So Facefull finally catches up, talks to some peeps in Pennsylvania, posts a report--and then a few hours later pulls the report.
I was gonna ask if the Facefull story meant the wraps were off the merger rumors and Mr. Curious could unzip his lip--but I guess not. Did anybody save the page before it disappeared? Can't Google regurgitate that pulled story?

UPDATE: Check out this link to NPPL on Facebook. What a hoot! There's also a thread about same on PBN. Didn't Facefull get their story from NPPL sources in the first place?


Anonymous said...

NPPL has decided that they are going to merge. Chuck just forgot that he wasn't supposed to tell anyone until the people who really run NPPL pretended to ask all the other owners, and until they had a chance to try and get as much out of PSP as they could.

Anonymous said...

lol... +1 for Anon.